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Refining TMS Integration Outside the Four Walls of the Warehouse

3Gtms TMS Integration Whitepaper

Simply getting the set-up, the right people to turn the jobs on, and the log-in credentials can be a lengthy task, and managing carrier integrations takes time. If a trading partner is a client, they may even “throw stuff over the wall” and expect you to figure it out. Furthermore, integrations have to be monitored and self-aware enough to indicate when something goes wrong – and then address those issues via a corrective workflow.

In this white paper with Logistics Management, we lay out how a modern Tier I transportation management software (TMS) is designed to speed up the integration timeline, so you can start begin saving money faster for you and your clients. We also take a look at FloPath (now Dynamic Logistix) and their experience with the 3Gtms Integration Hub. One executive noted, “To be able to get a customer that uses AS400 green screen technology integrated into 3Gtms in less than two weeks was insane. When I worked with other TMS companies, the fastest we could ever get anyone integrated was three-and-a-half months.”

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