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Using a TMS to Turn Your Company into an E-Commerce Powerhouse

Using a TMS to Turn Your Company into an E-Commerce Powerhouse
As the traditional lines dividing shippers, 3PLs and brokers continue to fade, the need for a full-featured, modern TMS is growing across all business verticals because actual delivery and fulfillment are areas where companies can shine. In the food industry, for instance, both manufacturers and distributors are no longer selected based on price points and product selection alone; they’re also being judged on their supply chains.

The problem is that coordinating, communicating, executing, and analyzing transportation is not an easy process. And the more modes of delivery there are, the more complex that process gets. Managing a small volume of parcel shipments is straightforward, but combining it with LTL, TL, brokerage, or pool distribution suddenly makes everything extremely complex. If some of your customers want LTL quantities, others want TL, and still others that work with parcel, you’ll wind up losing money if you don’t have a system in place to dynamically and automatically determine which modes or carriers to use.

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