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Digital: The Best Mode for Every Load

Lots of things claim to be “digital” but fail to deliver digital’s two greatest benefits:

  1. Taking over repetitive, manual tasks that are a relative time-suck
  2. Conducting calculations and analysis too complex for humans to do
    quickly (if at all)

Going digital applies not only to the technology used, but how customers interact with it. That means:

  1. A digital interface that keeps the customer from having to compose and
    send an email, or pick up the phone
  2. Improves customer experience with automated form filling and
    information sharing

In other words: Make people’s lives easier and make them look good. If your technology is not accomplishing that, then doesn’t meet today’s “digital” standard. Plenty of logistics software applications involve pretty screens and slick mobile apps. But they haven’t brought brokerages and 3PLs to the point of being truly digital operations. Too many tasks are still accomplished manually, and too much data is neglected (due to the complexity of operationalizing it).

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