Creative TMS Solutions in the Transportation Industry

When you think of transportation logistics, the word “creativity” doesn’t normally come to mind. But, argues 3Gtms CEO Mitch Weseley, creativity is essential in today’s transportation world where there’s an endless amount of constraints and challenges.

In this article for APICS Magazine, Weseley explains, “Shippers, third-party logistics (3PL) providers, brokers, freight forwarders — it’s such an interesting challenge trying to pull at the few threads they have in common. The issues really vary so much. But one thing we’re seeing in the industry, which is wonderful and long overdue, is a lot of people getting creative.”

The ability of a transportation management system (TMS) to act like a transportation control tower is an exciting development that enables more creativity as the TMS connects data between internal systems and external partners. The TMS gathers, translates, and shares data between systems to give organizations more visibility than ever before. From the article:

“A single system can provide visibility to let you see everything, to manage by exception and to take action based on an event,” Weseley says. “If you’ve got some freight that’s moving internationally, some that’s [less-than truckload], some that’s parcel — and then some drivers who don’t communicate — control towers create a single place where all the freight from an entire organization resides. You get a single source of truth, and that’s something very, very exciting.”

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