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Let us Manage and Optimize your Transportation Operation

You’re trying to stay on top of costs while improving service, deal with more transportation options than ever before, boost visibility, juggle customer requirements and more.

Plus, the lines between 3PLs and brokers are blurring while carriers also move into the space; and shippers are considering whether to outsource their freight or use a dedicated fleet. Suffice to say, the industry is changing and will continue to change rapidly.

Our transportation management system – 3G-TM – is a broad and deep, intuitive multi-mode TMS for mid to large 3PLS, shippers, brokers, forwarders and other non-asset based transportation companies that manages and optimizes your transportation operation.

3G-TM manages the full order-to-cash process in real time and within a single system. It is the only TMS in the world powerful enough to handle the most complicated projects, yet intuitive enough to be used by all transportation professionals.

  • Order management
  • Rate, route and optimize the best ways to move those orders
  • Execution of the order and tendering
  • Track/trace capabilities, continuous visibility into the order, reports, dashboards and PODs
  • Financial settlement and audit

Customer Testimonials

"3Gtms is an invaulable partner by helping us expand our reach and growth. The entire team's level of performance is rare among IT partners — and it's been a breath of fresh air."

— Thomas B. Crowley, Jr., Chairman & CEO, Crowley