Between regulatory uncertainties and the changing nature of how customers want to order and receive their goods, food and beverage companies are evolving quickly. And a key part of that is efficiently shipping products to customers with varying needs and requirements.

In this article for Food Logistics, our own J.P. Wiggins and other industry experts discuss how TMS systems are addressing these new challenges. From the article:

“As technology evolves, [TMS] becomes simpler and easier to install. There are many proven success stories with fast—less than one year—ROI. Even simple, full truckload execution should be automated, and there is cost savings to doing so. Automate simple tasks, capture better data and use the data for analysis on how to improve. Food distribution companies are now being judged more on the quality of their technology and IT abilities to deliver information, not just freight,” [Wiggins] adds. 

TMS is coming out with simple solutions that are rapidly implemented, cheaper and up front. Wiggins suggests looking at case studies from other companies to gauge their experiences. “We’re not Amazon, and you’re not Amazon, but customers expect the same kind of speed [and simplicity.] You have to hide the complexity from the customer.”

Read the full article, TMS in the Changing World of Food & Beverage, at Food Logistics.