A TMS is one of the most critical supply chain solutions because it touches nearly every other system in your world: WMS, ERP, finance and others. In this Q&A with Inbound Logistics, I discuss the why the importance of choosing the right TMS to solve your challenges can’t be overstated, along with why TMS implementations can be so complex. From the interview:

A transportation management system (TMS) has one of the strongest ROIs of any supply chain management software: an average of about 7.5 percent in freight savings, according to recent research by ARC Advisory Group. But they’re also notoriously thorny to implement because most on the market were first designed 15-20 years ago—and their design, at its core, still addresses those outdated needs and practices.

Read the article to learn why today’s TMS design gives you more flexible, nuanced ways of solving your transportation challenges, the obstacles that first-time TMS buyers often run into, and best practices for vetting a vendor.