For Shippers

The move toward hybridization in our industry – among shippers, 3PLs and brokers – is becoming more and more apparent. The big question is whether TMS technology on the market today is keeping up with the evolution?

Not even close. Most TMS systems were designed to handle shippers performing a single function. Software providers have attempted to respond to the industry’s shifts by layering new systems onto older, original platforms to perform new functions.

The result is a Frankenstein-style system that adds to integration complexity and impacts your ease of use, speed of installation and on-boarding of new customers.

We are the only TMS software company to have anticipated this convergence. With the power of 3Gtms, shippers have a competitive advantage that no other software can deliver.

Our TMS is architected to give you more capabilities and more power, delivering greater benefits to your customers and adding to your bottom line.

  • Achieve freight cost savings with TL/LTL/parcel; complex routings, multi-stop and pool points; and executable shipments
  • Improve efficiencies with single-click planning and automated shipments
  • Manage real-world dynamics with broader shipment visibility and last-minute order management.
  • Gain inbound visibility at the warehouse (or even store) level to forecast labor requirements
  • Utilize freight opportunities such as consolidation, pool distribution, and reverse logistics
  • Equip route planners with the ability to dynamically optimize up to the point of freight actually leaving the warehouse
  • Make proper mode decisions for specific shipments, from parcel to truckload to carload

The result is a modern, intuitive user experience that gives you more power and freedom over how you leverage your TMS to solve daily challenges and generate transportation savings.

Key Capabilities for Shippers

Handle Complex Routing
Efficiently and profitably manage complex domestic routing by taking advantage of multi-stop, multi-leg and various pool point strategies.

Leverage Powerful Algorithms
3Gtms has the most powerful algorithm, allowing you to consider more constraints in the planning process.

React Fast to Last-Minute Changes
Incorporate late changes with a dynamic planning tool embedded in the execution process.

Support Diverse Networks
From private fleets to common carriers, 3Gtms supports a wider variety of transportation networks.

Rapid Implementation → Simple System Integration → Faster Time to Value → Superior ROI

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