TMS Software For Shippers

There is a move toward hybridization among shippers, managed transportation 3PLs and brokers.

This new model empowers the shipper with choices, but most TMS systems on the market were designed for shippers that performed a single function. Software providers have attempted to layer new systems onto older platforms, and the result is a Frankenstein-style TMS that adds to integration complexity, slows implementation speeds and bogs down the on-boarding of customers.

We have the only modern TMS that addresses the unique needs of this hybridization model and gives shippers choices.

With the power of the 3G-TM transportation management system, shippers have a competitive advantage that no other software can deliver.

  • Achieve freight cost savings with TL/LTL/parcel; complex routings, multi-stop and pool points; and executable shipments
  • Leverage a single point of full visibility into the flow of data and the tools to act on that data with the 3Gtms Visibility Platform
  • Process automation and self-configuration to better scale your business – without adding headcount
  • Expand your customers’ visibility with the elegant and streamlined Quick Ship Portal
  • Our continuous pool optimization solution allows you to dynamically and incrementally plan freight movements through multiple tiers
  • Manage real-world dynamics with broader shipment visibility and last-minute order management
  • Gain inbound visibility at the warehouse (or even store) level to forecast labor requirements
  • Utilize freight opportunities such as consolidation, pool distribution, and reverse logistics
  • Equip route planners with the ability to dynamically optimize up to the point of freight actually leaving the warehouse

Key Capabilities for Shippers

Handle Complex Routing
Efficiently and profitably manage complex domestic routing by taking advantage of multi-stop, multi-leg and various pool point strategies.

Leverage Powerful Algorithms
3Gtms has the most powerful algorithm, allowing you to consider more constraints in the planning process.

Support for Inter-modal
3Gtms’ advanced algorithm considers everything to move freight – all modes, carriers, multi-stop and pool distribution – providing the most comprehensive rating and pricing management on the market.

React Fast to Last-Minute Changes
Incorporate late changes with a dynamic planning tool embedded in the execution process.

Clearer Insight through Visibility-Driven Workflows
With the 3Gtms Visibility Platform, you can gather data from internal and external sources, integrate and interpret that data in order to react faster and smarter.

Complete High-Volume Transactions with One Screen and Fewer Clicks
Our first-of-its-kind Load Management Workspace for Shippers improves productivity by compiling all critical information on one screen, plus delivering an automatic feed of DAT Rate Indexes, configurable workflows, and more.

Vendor, Customer and Carrier Portals
Our intuitive portals break down old visibility barriers with your vendors, carriers and customers. These fully configurable and customizable portals enable communication amongst trading partners, including allowing users to input purchase orders, create routing requests and request routing instructions.

Stop Interleaving
A planning enhancement feature that greatly extends the potential cost-savings of the TMS and improves functionality around post-planning decisions by allowing you to create loads that intersperse pickup and delivery activities; enabling delivery and pickup activities to occur at the same stops sequentially; and enabling empty miles to be incurred at any segment of the route to perform additional pickup activities.

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