TMS Integration Hub

By some accounts, nearly 40% of TMS implementations fail: Some fail to meet their desired objectives, some miss implementation deadlines, and others aren’t implemented at all because of integration conflicts.

While no TMS implementation is ever easy, integration is a particular hurdle for most systems. According to the Transportation Planning and Execution Benchmark Study by American Shipper, 61% of respondents said the biggest challenge of their TMS was system connectivity. And yet a TMS is only as powerful as its connections.

With the 3Gtms Integration Hub, customers have the industry’s only Business-to-TMS (“B2T”) integration toolkit. The unique design of our TMS allows for customers, carriers and trading partners to on-board faster and more cheaply than with other systems. The result: You save money and time with simpler and faster set-ups (and your customers do too).

“The ease of integration was the number one reason we chose 3Gtms. The experts at 3Gtms built an integration hub that’s unbelievably reliable. And the faster we get integrated, the faster we save money and our customers start saving money.”
Jeff Auslander, CEO and Managing Partner, Dynamic Logistix

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Key Capabilities

3Gtms Integrations Other TMS Integrations
Balance of self-service and simplicity Hard-coded functionality to simplify implementations (less flexibility) or open-ended configuration (too complex)
Designed with the logistics planner in mind Requires coding and engineering
Built-in self-service tool for integrating carriers and customers on your own schedule Reliant on TMS vendor for timing and integrations
One platform with all of the same framework drastically reduces technical debt Separate modules that must be purchased individually
Data flows in and out of TMS with all trading partners: One vendor required Third-party tools and a monitoring service: Multiple vendors required
Optimization built directly into execution Optimization and execution are separate

Our TMS has the most evolved data model, which makes faster integrations possible and with less effort. The 3Gtms Integration Hub offers:

  • 100% web-based GUI and architecture
  • A library of templates for ERP, accounting and EDI
  • Pre-established connections with most major LTL carriers
  • Web Services
  • Continuous integration agile methodology for fast release and stability
  • Different logic and rules for TL and LTL moves
  • Lifecycle alerts and tracking
  • A hub and spoke design that is infinitely scalable and allows you to integrate once and connect everywhere
  • The ability to match shipments to orders and customers, including for complex pool moves
  • Fast on-boarding for in-network API carriers (simply enter your credentials)
  • Carrier communication is a feature; not a separate point solution

Rapid Implementation → Simple System Integration → Faster Time to Value → Superior ROI