For Brokers

Gone are the days when brokers, 3PLs and shippers could be neatly categorized into their own silos of services. Instead, we’re seeing the lines blur as customers require a broader scope of services.

The problem is that the current TMS systems available were designed for the transportation challenges of a decade ago – when those tidy categories still existed. In the past, a broker might not need the planning power of an algorithm, but today you are dealing with a mix of simple and complex orders. You need a system with decision support that can manage answers to the full breadth of planning questions.

We are the only software company to have anticipated this convergence and blurring of lines. As a result, our brokerage customers are equipped with a powerful, nimble and fast TMS that gives them a competitive advantage.

  • Ability to integrate quickly across all platforms for greater capacity and efficiency
  • Self-configuration to better scale your business – without adding headcount
  • Solve more customer pain points with a uniquely designed TMS

From Transactional to Transformational: Successfully Adding Managed Transportation Services

Key Capabilities for Brokers

Automate Matching Shipments with Carriers
You rely on countless data to match shipments with carriers. Leverage 3Gtms’ comprehensive analytics to ensure the best carriers with a straightforward process.

Confidently Make Better Shipping Decisions
Track all associated information and find patterns to streamline everything from on-time delivery to prompt payment, and make better choices going forward.

Expand with Managed Transportation Services
Leverage our TMS to expand your services and deliver further cost reductions to your customers.

Fast, Well-Defined On-Boarding Procedures
Leverage our TMS to execute well-defined, simple and fast integration among your own customers, including with shipper-client systems like ERP, OMS, WMS and FI.

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