Transportation Management Software For Freight Brokers

Current Transportation Management Systems (TMS) software was designed for when tidy categories of brokers, Third Party Logistics (3PLs) providers and shippers still existed. But those lines are blurring as 3PLs are adding brokerage, brokers are adding managed transportation services, and asset-based carriers are adding both. Plus, a shippers’ logistic manager must perform both services internally, and have started adding fleets.

We are the only TMS software company to have anticipated this convergence. Equip yourself with a powerful, versatile and fast TMS that gives you a competitive advantage.

Our TMS delivers everything you need and empowers you to:

  • Integrate with customers, data partners and ERP systems via the robust 3Gtms Integration Hub for greater visibility
  • A first-of-its-kind Load Management Workspace that lets you complete brokerage transactions with fewer screens, fewer clicks, and more confidence in your decisions.
  • On-board new customers, carriers and trading partners yourself – without having to hire us or a consulting firm to do it
  • Access multiple sources for capacity, including private and public bid boards; Quickly identify previous carriers based on lane history and benchmarks
  • Share data with carriers by enabling them to load their capacity into 3G-TM and automatically show up in multiple areas, including load cost history
  • Process automation and self-configuration to better scale your business – without adding headcount
  • Expand your customers’ visibility with the elegant and streamlined Quick Ship Portal

Key Capabilities for Freight Brokers

Automate Matching Shipments with Carriers
You rely on countless data to match shipments with carriers. Leverage 3Gtms’ comprehensive analytics to ensure the best carriers with a straightforward process.

Confidently Make Better Shipping Decisions
Track all associated information and find patterns to streamline everything from on-time delivery to prompt payment, and make better choices going forward.

Make Faster, More Profitable Decisions with One Screen and Fewer Clicks
Our first-of-its-kind Load Management Workspace reduces your phone calls and emails with one screen that compiles all critical information, an automatic feed of DAT Rate Indexes, configurable workflows, and more.

Clearer Insight through Visibility-Driven Workflows
With the 3Gtms Visibility Platform, you can gather data from internal and external sources, integrate and interpret that data in order to react faster and smarter.

Vendor, Customer and Carrier Portals
Our intuitive portals break down old visibility barriers with your vendors, carriers and customers. These fully configurable and customizable portals enable communication amongst trading partners, including allowing users to input purchase orders, create routing requests and request routing instructions.

Expand with Managed Transportation Services
Leverage our TMS to expand your services and deliver further cost reductions to your customers.

Manage Spot Quotes
3Gtms manages spot quotes, including brokerage, buy and sell side, historical quote analysis and direct quotes from carriers. This is tied into an execution system that checks carrier insurance and rate confirmations.

Fast, Well-Defined On-Boarding Procedures
Leverage our TMS to execute well-defined, simple and fast integration among your own customers, including with shipper-client systems like ERP, OMS, WMS and FI.

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