For 3PLs

In the last 5-10 years, the transportation world has changed dramatically for 3PLs. The lines between 3PLs, shippers and brokers are blurring as customers require a broader scope of services.

Current industry realities:

  • 3PLs are adding brokerage
  • Brokers are adding managed transportation services
  • Asset-based carriers are adding both
  • Shippers transportation managers perform both services internally and are adding fleets

We are the only TMS software company to have anticipated this convergence. Our TMS delivers everything you need and empowers you to:

  • Improve the ability to profitably manage buy and sell-side activities
  • Seamlessly handle complex domestic routing (multi-stop; multi-leg; pool points)
  • Incorporate last-minute changes with a dynamic planning tool embedded in the execution process
  • Incorporate both private fleets and common carriers on one platform
  • Provide both web services and tariff rating
  • On-board new customers, carriers and trading partners yourself – without having to hire us or a consulting firm to do it

Key Capabilities for 3PLs

Manage Multi-Leg, Multi-Mode, Time-Phased Planning and Execution
3Gtms’ advanced algorithm considers everything to move freight – all modes, carriers, multi-stop and pool distribution – providing the most comprehensive rating and pricing management on the market.

Handle Last-Minute Order Changes
Order changes are the norm, not the exception. Our TMS has been fundamentally designed with real-time data and order information. No deleting the full order and starting over again. We allow you to change an order throughout the entire routing process up until the order is shipped.

Manage Spot Quotes
3Gtms manages spot quotes, including brokerage, buy and sell side, historical quote analysis and direct quotes from carriers. This is tied into an execution system that checks carrier insurance and rate confirmations.

Offer Flexible Billing Capabilities
Our TMS gives you ultimate pricing flexibility. On the sell-side, you can mirror costs or be aggressive in your pricing to win new business. On the buy-side, it can reflect whatever pricing the carriers provide.

On-Board New Customers – Yourself
3Gtms has a built-in self-service tool for the integration of carriers and customers, on your own schedule. Templates exist that you can use (whether for ERP or EDI data) to make on-boarding easier, less expensive and faster than ever before.

Ensure Security between Customers
Customer data is kept separate, yet we let you manage clients together allowing for consolidation of shipments, analysis and cost savings.

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