TMS For Growing 3PLs

Focus on growing your book of business; spend less time managing your freight

3PL TMS Software for Faster, More Profitable Business

Is your TMS preventing you from gaining new revenue? Is a lack of software innovation impacting your longer-term revenue growth and customer retention?

Introducing 3Gtms TMS Software for 3PLs
Delivering Faster, More Profitable Transportation Decisions

Transform your business with 3Gtms TMS for 3PLs. Our TMS system makes it much easier to manage transportation and brokerage services with more confidence in your decisions. 3Gtms transportation software offers:

Dynamic multi-modal transportation planning & execution

The 3Gtms TMS system offers a single, intuitive transportation software platform to determine least-cost delivery options, including accessorial costs, customer delivery preferences and more. Compare carriers and costs for parcel, LTL and truckload deliveries.


Sophisticated algorithms with superior adaptability

3Gtms’ advanced algorithm manages all modes, including direct, multi-stop and pool distribution – and returns the most cost-effective executable freight delivery plan, factoring in all real-world constraints. If orders change, the 3Gtms algorithm shows you the effects of those changes on the routes & other options to consider, saving you significant time and money.

Clearer visibility through exception-driven workflows

With the 3Gtms Visibility, you can gather data from internal and external sources, manage by exception, make decision faster and keep all parties informed.

More efficient carrier management

Improve efficiencies across all aspects of carrier on-boarding, contract management, carrier assignment & shipment execution, including carrier qualification, spot quoting, broadcast tendering, waterfall tendering and status tracking.

Flexible self-configuration tools

3Gtms has a built-in self-service tool for the on-boarding of carriers, customers and supply chain partners, on your own schedule. Templates exist that you can use (whether for ERP or EDI data) to make on-boarding easier, less-expensive and faster than ever.

Intuitive UI

Intuitive user experience

Our customers love the 3Gtms central load management workspace, which is unlike anything on the market. Eliminate manual work by handling tasks via one screen that compiles all critical information, an automatic feed of DAT Rate Indexes, configurable screens, workflows & more.


 Easier connectivity via portals

Our fully configurable portals enable communication & visibility with vendors, carriers and customers. Easily create routing requests, request routing instructions, get a freight quote and convert to a shipment, accept tenders, post available capacity, enter & review status tracking, and submit & review invoices.

Cost Saving

Flexible billing capabilities

3Gtms provides the most comprehensive rating and pricing management on the market. Our TMS gives you ultimate pricing flexibility. You can pass-through or markup costs or be aggressive in your spot or contract pricing to win new business. Billing activities can be fully automated allowing your team to only deal with the exceptions.


Simplify reporting & analysis

Our reporting tools make it much simpler to identify new opportunities for cost savings, enhanced profitability, process automation and efficiency. 3Gtms consolidates data from internal systems and external parties (3PLs, carriers, vendors, customers). Results are available in embedded operational reports and configurable TMS dashboards.

Unleash productivity

Achieve higher productivity without adding headcount

Our TMS system is also user-configurable, enabling you to tailor your screens to match your specific operations, easily adapt to support continuous improvement.

Attain cost transparency

3Gtms’ contract management and rating allows you to easily model virtually any rate structure from the very simple to highly custom & complex tiered rate structures. Our ability to leverage these rates ensure users have audit-quality accuracy throughout the entire transportation life cycle.


Automate freight audit & payment

3Gtms freight audit & payment tools support a fully automated process that allows you to manage by exception. Configure your own match & audit rules and 3Gtms does the rest. Bills that fall outside your thresholds are flagged as exceptions to be rejected or flagged to investigate.

Automate and Grow Your Business Without Adding Headcount

Our TMS system includes many tools for users to automate daily tasks and modify their 3Gtms workspace to match specific operations, making it much easier to respond to continuous improvement changes.


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