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Visibility-Driven Workflows for Transportation Execution

B2B visibility is inherently complicated because customers need to know the status of their order in the context of the entire supply chain process: The order management process, warehouse process or transit process, to name a few. Visibility is not a simple equation!

The good news is that B2B visibility is making significant leaps forward with modern transportation management systems (TMS) that can act like a transportation control tower for your operations. A TMS is already integrated into many systems, and those systems already provide real-time information. The new advancement is a TMS that can gather and translate that data into actionable insights and intelligence.

Whether it’s the financing system talking in terms of invoices or carriers sending data in shipments and loads, a TMS can act like a transportation control tower and deliver continuous visibility optimization to your operations; help automate decision making and exceptions; and bring you to new heights of efficiency.

Watch the full, enlightening discuss between J.P. Wiggins and Talking Logistics’ Adrian Gonzalez.

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