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Welcome to our Video Resources Page. These short, informative videos will give you a better understanding of how our uniquely designed, multi-modal TMS solves the modern industry’s transportation problems.

3 Ways to Grow a More Sustainable Resilient Supply Chain

Every Season is Peak Season: How 3PLs Meet Customers’ Growing Demands

To support the increase in demand and ensure customer satisfaction, 3PLs need fast, reliable, and highly advanced systems to allow for shipping high volume at a rapid pace without driving up costs. Watch the recorded webinar.

3 Ways to Grow a More Sustainable Resilient Supply Chain

3 Ways to Grow a More Sustainable Resilient Supply Chain

War, hurricanes, droughts, energy shortages, food shortages, the list goes on. Many are the major challenges facing today’s supply chains. Can understanding the psychology of both supply chains and the modern consumer help organizations ride the wave of economic uncertainty?

Amazon Brokerage and Uber Freight are not bit players; they’re having real impact on how freight is moved. What does this mean for the logistics industry? How can 3PLs and brokers hope to compete or differentiate themselves? 3Gtms’ JP Wiggins discusses his ideas with Talking Logistics.

FreightWaves’ Transparency19 was an engaging and lively event, and we were honored to tell our 3Gtms story in front of 1,000 industry leaders! See our demo here, with a particular focus on rating, process automation and optimization!

The transportation industry is taking a more serious look at how blockchain could improve operations. In this interview, J.P. Wiggins predicts the positive impacts blockchain could have on visibility and efficiency for small carriers.

A modern TMS can deliver big leaps in visibility, allowing you to gather, translate and share data from disparate systems like never before. Get the specifics on how visibility-driven workflows can impact your operations.

Learn how 3Gtms simplifies pool distribution and allows logistics planners (rather than engineers) to plan using real costs and service times.

You can’t build a TMS that addresses every possibility, so the key is letting logistics professionals get creative. Mitch Weseley explains how continuous pool optimization enables that in this episode of Talking Logistics.

Hear what’s new in TMS technology, including continuous pool optimization, the most important TMS capability, and how you can make a case for a TMS to your colleagues in 60 seconds or less.

In this conversation with Adrian Gonzalez at Talking Logistics, 3Gtms’ Dawn Salvucci-Favier discusses how LSPs can create a huge value for their customers with the right TMS technology.

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