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Take a deeper dive into the portals, features and services that make our uniquely designed TMS the most robust and flexible in the industry.

3Gtms APIs Datasheet

Parcel & Shipping Execution for TMS

3PLs can use 3G’s TMS to expand their core services with integrated parcel rating & shipping or full in-warehouse pack & ship execution. Grow your services beyond transportation and into the warehouse with 3G.

3Gtms APIs Datasheet

3G TMS Intelligent Pricing via Greenscreens applies the power of AI and machine learning to real-time market data and your own historical rates to generate intelligent spot market pricing… instantly.
3Gtms APIs Datasheet

Get on Board with APIs

With 3Gtms, you automatically receive pre-established API connections that cover more than 95% of the LTL shipment volume in North America. Plus, our hub-and-spoke design allows you to integrate once and connect everywhere for incredible ease, speed and agility.

3Gtms Myths vs Facts data sheet

Myth vs Fact Sheet

If you still think a TMS can only address a few areas of your organization, or can’t adapt to your needs, or is only a tool for engineers, think again.

3Gtms Building a Business Case for TMS

Building a Business Case for a TMS

A TMS can transform your organization and make everyone’s work easier and faster. But unfortunately the decision to invest in a TMS doesn’t rest only with you! In this guide, we’ll help you build support for your TMS project.

3Gtms Health Check

3Gtms Health Check

With many changing conditions and customer demands, it’s difficult to know if you’re getting the maximum results out of your TMS. The 3Gtms Health Check gives you an efficient and flexible way to ensure you’re still getting the most out of your system!

3Gtms TMS product brochure

What Makes the Multi-Mode 3G-TM Unique?

3G-TM is the only TMS powerful enough to handle the most complicated projects, yet intuitive enough to be used by all transportation professionals. Learn more about what makes our TMS and our company unique.

3Gtms Load Mgmt Workspace

Load Management Workspace for Shippers

The 3Gtms Load Management Workspace for Shippers gives you a configurable, flexible and streamlined source for making fast and accurate decisions for your freight brokerage business. You can secure customers with fewer screens, fewer clicks, and more confidence that you’re making a profitable decision!
3Gtms Load Management Workspace 3PL

Load Management Workspace for 3PLs

Speed and accurate data are key when you’re moving customer freight and trying to get the best margins for your 3PL. Our Load Management Workspace for 3PLs helps you make faster, more profitable decisions with one screen and fewer clicks.

3Gtms Quick Ship Portal

Quick Ship Portal

Built on a new framework, our Quick Ship Portal reimagines your customer’s experience and expands their shipment visibility. With an elegant interface and simple, streamlined screens, the Quick Ship Portal maximizes the user experience.

3Gtms Company Overview

The “How” Makes 3Gtms Unique

You wouldn’t work with 15 year-old cell phone technology, so why trust your logistics to a TMS designed for another era? Learn why today’s transportation issues require a new design of TMS to manage them – and why 3Gtms is a wholly different technology.

3Gtms Integration Hub

Integration Hub

We have the industry’s only business-to-TMS integration toolkit, and our integration speeds are second-to-none. In fact, customers tell us the ability to integrate with other systems and on-board customers fast are key factors in choosing to partner with us.

SMC³ LTL Rating & Transit Data

As the single integration point for all carrier rate, transit and service information, SMC³ solutions empower organizations to collaborate and optimize decision making throughout the entire LTL lifecycle. Learn how 3Gtms customers leverage SMC3 RateWare XL, CarrierConnect XL, and CzarLite.

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