How a TMS Load Management Workspace Streamlines Transportation Execution

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Speed and accurate data are key when you’re moving customer freight and trying to get the best margins for your business. You’re faced with questions such as, What trucks are available? Can they meet the delivery deadline? And what’s a competitive but profitable quote?

That’s why we created the unique Load Management Workspace. Built for any organization operating in a high-speed transactional environment, including brokers, 3PLs and shippers, the 3Gtms Load Management Workspace significantly reduces manual work by allowing users to get work done with fewer screens, fewer clicks, and more confidence that they’re making a profitable decision. Features include:

  • One screen that compiles all information and delivers a clear and fast snapshot to inform a quote
  • The robust 3Gtms Integration Hub lets you connect with customers, data partners, and ERP systems faster and for greater visibility.
  • Configurable screens that allow for tailored information to each user
  • An automatic feed of DAT Rate Indexes
  • Configurable workflows that support the unique ways an organization operates
  • The ability for carriers to load capacity into 3G-TM; the data automatically displays in multiple areas, including load cost history.
  • A Quick-Start implementation option to get users up and running quickly

Whether you’re offering pure brokerage services or managed transportation services, the 3Gtms Load Management Workspace and the power of our Tier 1 TMS give you a complete solution for moving with the market’s demands and taking advantage of new opportunities.


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