As we frequently note here on the 3Gtms blog, a transportation management system (TMS) is so much more than a tool for only cutting freight costs or routing (like operating as a transportation control tower for your data!). This article from DC Velocity features our customer Redstone Logistics and the many ways it uses a TMS to stay flexible to client needs, from balancing cost and efficiency, to minimizing dwell time. From the article: 

“…Redstone used its TMS to balance two competing demands—reducing labor costs and improving trucking efficiency—by tweaking the truck loading schedule to match the company’s warehouse labor capacity, he said. While that may not have optimized the route from a purely transportation perspective, the strategy allowed the customer to avoid expensive overtime shifts, he said. ‘We adjusted the dates based on the availability [of goods],’ he said. ‘So now the warehouse crew doesn’t have to run overtime to match some crazy transportation plan that says they have to ship everything by Monday.'”

Read more on how TMS systems can do so much more than just cut freight costs – along with more examples of how Redstone relies on 3Gtms – here at DC Velocity. 

And for more details on Redstone’s experience, go here to get the case study.