3Gtms Implementation & Deployment

Streamline implementations, whether you’re looking for a brand new TMS or replacing a legacy system

Whether this is your first TMS system implementation or you’re replacing a legacy TMS system, we know it’s your priority to manage the project as efficiently as possible. We’re as committed to a successful project as you are, and we’ve hired the industry’s best implementers to make it happen.

  • Our implementation team is a mature services organization with nearly 400 years’ cumulative team experience working in and implementing transportation management solutions.
  • To streamline implementations, we’ve developed a comprehensive and flexible delivery methodology that includes best practices and templates for efficient, effective delivery.
  • We manage our projects on a leading project management platform to provide transparency and collaboration among the entire team. Our approach ensures that projects are delivered on time and within budget while managing project risks and scope.
  • We take training very seriously. In addition to hands-on training, 3Gtms has developed a library of training courses, videos, and documentation and knowledge transfer during the implementation to ensure our customers become self-reliant and ready to thrive and grow their business leveraging 3Gtms.
  • Access to client’s servers is limited (as part of our SOC certification) to 3Gtms support and hosting teams. Other 3Gtms departments do not have access to client’s production data unless they are working on an issue specific to that client.
We have implemented 3Gtms TMS systems for clients in both multi-tenant and private cloud instances. For more information on implementation and deployment options, please contact us.

3Gtms TMS Deployment Options

3Gtms TMS system is a cloud-based solution that can be deployed in either a multi-tenant SaaS or dedicated private cloud environment. We run our software using Amazon Web Services in multiple regions and multiple zones with data replication across regions to provide disaster recovery solutions. 3Gtms maintains SOC 1 Type II certification and engages a third-party audit on an annual basis to validate that we are following correct procedures.

Multi-Tenant Solution

For clients who choose the 3Gtms multi-tenant environment, 3Gtms manages the timing of all upgrades. 3Gtms major software releases take place approximately quarterly. In the multi-tenant environment, all 3Gtms customer data is completely secured from other tenants in the shared environment. It is traditionally the most inexpensive and fastest way to deploy a transportation management system (TMS).

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Benefits of a multi-tenant TMS environment:

  • Most cost-effective option with better, faster ROI
  • No decisions to make about when to take an upgrade; 3Gtms handles it for you
  • Always current on the latest release & newest capabilities

Private Cloud Solution

In a private cloud scenario, the TMS is dedicated to a single organization. This type of cloud deployment delivers similar advantages to SaaS but has a dedicated (not shared) environment. While the cost for dedicated hardware is a bit more than SaaS, there are several benefits:

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  • 3Gtms clients who choose a dedicated environment can determine when to upgrade their non-production and production environments.
  • Dedicated clients may also be allowed to have read-only database access for their in-house reporting tools or for other IT purposes.
  • Clients can refresh their sandbox instance as needed instead of the standard monthly refresh.