Scarbrough Implements 3Gtms for Domestic Trucking and Freight Forwarding

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3Gtms and CargoWise Commercial Integration Simplifies Domestic and International Freight Operations, Boosting Efficiency, and Driving More Business

SHELTON, Conn., (April 07, 2021)The Scarbrough Group (Scarbrough) has implemented the commercial integration between 3Gtms, 3G’s modern-day transportation management system (TMS), and CargoWise, a leading global logistics execution platform. The integration utilizes CargoWise for international freight forwarding operations and 3Gtms for domestic trucking, saving considerable time between international and domestic legs by passing job information directly between systems.

“The number one reason we chose this solution was speed,” said Adam Hill, president and chief operating officer, Scarbrough. “Ultimately, our staff can only do a limited number of files in a given month, and by using both CargoWise and 3Gtms to create additional efficiencies, it means that our people can spend more time talking to customers, dealing with problems, and helping them brainstorm new ideas and solutions.”

The solution uses the integration between CargoWise and 3Gtms to create a connection between freight forwarding and domestic transportation that’s unique in the industry. The integration optimizes data exchange and provides a streamlined process for connecting CargoWise’s international freight forwarding core module to 3G’s advanced transportation management functionality.

“There’s still this idea of a paper handoff between our international and our domestic teams as cargo moves out for final delivery,” Hill added. “But with 3G, that entire piece went away. So, we saw a reduction in email traffic and in manual rekeying of data, and an increase in data accuracy and tracking, so there’s a ton of efficiency that is built from it.”

The solution also empowers work between Scarbrough’s sister companies, specifically Scarbrough International and Scarbrough Transportation. Now, Scarbrough International can use 3Gtms to dispatch jobs to Scarbrough Transportation, simplifying domestic freight operations and driving more business. In addition, 3Gtms provides Scarbrough with opportunities to look at more client-specific pool points and allows Scarbrough to go after a few different types of clients and how they want to track their full truckloads or their LTL.

“CargoWise and 3G come together to maximize the benefits of CargoWise without having a separate data source for Scarbrough,” said JP Wiggins, co-founder and vice president of logistics, 3G. “The result was the ability for Scarbrough to simplify processes, minimize data re-entry, and give their customers a better level of service.”

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