3Gtms Partners with 10-4 Systems to Expand Visibility for In-Transit Freight

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3Gtms TMS system, with increased automation and enhanced analytics from 10-4, supports customers’ informed transportation decisions

Shelton, Conn. May 15, 2018 — 3Gtms, Inc., a global provider of Tier 1 transportation management software, is partnering with 10-4 Systems to expand its visibility and automation capabilities for customers of its transportation management system (TMS) software. 10-4 is a provider of supply chain visibility technology to companies around the world.

For 3Gtms’ 3PL, shipper and broker customers, this comprehensive integration expands freight visibility via 10-4’s real-time and robust technology. 10-4’s information platform enables 3Gtms users to easily track freight, whether through a deep carrier integration or using 10-4’s mobile tracking solution. This increased visibility informs more accurate and timely decision-making by customers, while increasing productivity and efficiencies. With the ability to share enhanced analytics data, 3Gtms customers can further differentiate their services and capabilities from their competition.

“Automating the data flow saves our customers time and speeds up productivity, and that correlates directly into dollars saved for our customers and their customers,” said Jerry Rau, COO at 3Gtms. “We’re excited to partner with 10-4. The collaboration with their team and the complementary technology supports us as we continue delivering more rating and freight management tools for our customers.”

“One of the things we focus on is how we can help the transportation industry create greater efficiencies and get the information they need,” says Bryn Fosburgh, President, Trimble Transportation Enterprise. “Having partners like 3Gtms who share our determination to accomplish this is important to us, and the team at 3Gtms really worked collaboratively with us to make this integration a reality.”

These enhanced visibilities and analytics through 10-4’s network are currently live.

About 3Gtms
3Gtms is the fastest growing Tier 1 transportation management system (TMS) provider and is committed to giving mid-to-large shippers and logistics service providers a competitive advantage through technology. Whether you move $5 million or $5 billion in freight, the 3G-TM solution seamlessly manages the full transportation lifecycle, including transportation planning and optimization, execution and settlement, empowering customers to make better shipping decisions while meeting their service goals. 3Gtms’ reputation for being a trusted partner is reflected in customer satisfaction and retention rates that are unmatched in the TMS industry. For more information, visit: www.3gtms.com.

About 10-4 Systems
10-4 provides global supply chain visibility to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies. The technology company, with deep roots in the transportation sector, provides a secure information platform that features weather and risk analytics, SKU and product level detail, GPS and location tracking, temperature tracking, and final mile data with a user-friendly customer experience. With offices in Boulder, Colorado and Grand Rapids, Michigan 10-4 helps companies understand, embrace, and benefit from a comprehensive supply chain technology experience. For more information: http://www.10-4.com/


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