Transportation management system that powers your growth

Plan & execute lowest cost, feasible end-to-end shipments

Manage multi-mode domestic complexity

Automate tendering, tracking, exceptions, freight audit, settlement

Control your network of customers, vendors and carriers

Immediate ROI

More Choice

  • Onboarding tools to quickly connect with customers and carriers
  • Born in the cloud. Adapts with you as business grows

More Control

  • Self-Service customer and vendor tools for visibility, control collaboration and rapid response
  • Tools and analytics tailored to your network

Better Decisions

  • Powerful optimization for better outcomes
  • Intuitive and configurable workspaces for decision support
Optimization Cycle

Here is how we work with you:

Transportation management software born in the cloud. Logistics experts working with you, every step of the way. Tools to help you realize your transportation revenue & savings potential.

Broker TMS Software

  • Streamline brokerage operations for all LTL, TL and intermodal freight on an intuitive centralized workspace
  • Locate capacity faster and build stronger carrier relationships with rules-based workflows
  • Connect to Load Boards, Market Rate Data and Carrier Qualification tools including  DAT, RMIS, and others on one platform for better decisions
  • Expand into 3PL managed services, using the same platform

3PL TMS Software

  • Designed for the way 3PLs work today on an intuitive centralized workspace
  • All managed services and brokerage on one platform, one data model, one product
  • Manage multi-mode domestic routing using our flexible algorithm
  • Automate tendering, tracking, exception management, freight audit and customer invoicing
  • Quickly on-board new customers & carriers

Shipper TMS Software

  • Manage lowest-cost multi-mode domestic routing using a flexible algorithm
  • Easily create and execute to customer and vendor routing guides
  • Control your network of customers, vendors and carriers
  • Gain visibility & proactive exception management in your transportation network
  • Automate load tendering, tracking, exception management and freight audit

We have helped hundreds of enterprises transform their business with our adaptive, powerful transportation management system.

Green Circle

“That process has vastly improved with the 3Gtms solution and has generated about $815,000 in cost savings for us.”

Green Circle Growers

Green Circle Growers Logo

ODW Logistics

“We can make changes on the fly with 3Gtms and do it substantially better than with other systems. We can differentiate and customize our services, and that helps us succeed.”

ODW Logistics

ODW Logistics

Redstone Logistics

“3Gtms TMS produced results that allowed us to win some big accounts. It allows us to create value for our customers and keep them happy.”

Redstone Logistics

Redstone Logistics

Our mission is to help you solve your toughest transportation challenges and build your business.

We’ve met countless businesses who need an enterprise-grade transportation management system but have had to struggle with a lesser solution. The results were less-than-expected, the process painful. 3Gtms was created so you conquer your most complex transportation challenges in a fraction of the time and focus on building your business.