Transportation management systems (TMS) are used by a variety of organizations, but 3PLs have unique requirements to keep in mind when considering a TMS vendor.

In this lively discussion with Talking Logistics, Jeff Auslander of Dynamic Logistix, a 3Gtms customer, notes that it’s an exciting time for transportation professionals because TMSs are more innovative and aligned with 3PLs’ specific needs, such as the ability to manage multiple shippers or manage the buy and sell side of the business.

Aulander explains that the top reason Dynamic Logistix chose 3Gtms was because of its integration capabilities and its ability to get Dynamic Logistix’s customers up and running quickly. “Integration is an underrated part of a TMS that shippers [3PL customers] should be wary of,” he said. “We have a customer who is thinking of dumping their TMS because they got it in May 2017 and they’re still not live.”

He goes on to explain that the ability to configure a TMS to be whatever is most helpful for the customer is critical. Configuration is much more complex for a 3PL, so easily configuring the system to meet the needs of a very diverse customer base is important.

In addition to fast integrations and configurability, what advice does Auslander have for other 3PLs?

  • Talk to the vendor’s customers to figure out which vendors are slow to integrate.
  • Pay attention to responsiveness and customer service. “I’ve used TMS vendors that take months to respond,” said Auslander. “I’ll get a response in the same day or same hour from 3G.”
  • Understand the processes for support and service.
  • Know the roadmap of the TMS’s future.

Go here to hear the full interview and learn more about what a 3PL should consider in a TMS.