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Welcome to our Video Resources Page. These short, informative videos will give you a better understanding of how our uniquely designed, multi-modal TMS solves the modern industry’s transportation problems.

“If it weren’t for the support of 3Gtms, we’d be in a world of hurt.” Hear why one 3PL can make bold customer promises like implementations in 6-8 weeks!

Talking Logistics video featuring Sonny Catlett, Sr. Vice President of Operations at HNRY Logistics.

With 3Gtms, Dynamic Logistix delivers world-class transportation technology and some of the fastest integration speeds in the industry.

Jeff Auslander of Dynamic Logistix discusses what makes a 3PL’s TMS needs unique, integration needs, and how a great TMS fuels customer satisfaction.

Bill Grannis, a 35-year transportation veteran, has seen his share of TMS systems. He knew he’d found something different with 3Gtms.

Learn about Bedford’s bottom-line improvements and how the 3Gtms TMS system has helped position it to grow.

With 3Gtms, Van der Wal expanded automation to more processes and freed up employees to focus on the business and solving customer problems.

With the ability to customize its TMS for client needs, KDL was able to increase freight-handling capabilities and win larger, more complex clients.

Michael Strickland knows the limitations of most TMS systems. When he saw the 3Gtms demo, he knew it was the system he’d been looking for.

With 3Gtms’ flexible TMS software and its collaborative approach to business, Mohawk Logistics has a TMS “exactly the way we want it.”

After looking at several TMS providers, 3Gtms was chosen because of the flexibility of its software and the partnership approach of its team.

3Gtm’s unparalleled service and unique TMS has given Dynamic Logistix customers hours back in their day and hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

When Crowley needed a TMS to manage the Department of Defense’s largest contract for surface transportation, it chose 3Gtms because of its software flexibility and customer service focus.

Hear about how 3Gtms technology has transformed American Bath Group and why its customer service makes it “the best TMS provider we’ve ever had.”

Learn how 3Gtms helped Crowley meet every milestone and government requirement on time, and why this “wouldn’t been seen with a larger, more established TMS system.”

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