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NFI Accelerates Operations & Gains Real‑time Transportation Visibility with 3Gtms TMS System

by | Jun 16, 2020

NFI Customer Benefits

  • Streamlined and automated transportation planning and operations on a single TMS software platform

  • Gained 50% efficiencies through order management, accelerated operations
  • Delivered real-time visibility and data transparency to customers
  • Expanded capabilities to support customers with more complex service needs

“3Gtms allows us to start up a transportation program with a greater level of ease, without disrupting a customer’s network, and generate immediate and continuous savings.”

Business Challenge

NFI is a fully integrated North American supply chain solutions provider headquartered in Camden, New Jersey. NFI was using two TMS system platforms to operate its business. Due to NFI’s growth and its evolving levels of sophistication, the company identified opportunities to expand their technological focus to maximize productivity in an effort to pass on savings to customers.

“The industry is moving as fast as it has ever moved and we have to continuously review and leverage the newest and most

Jeff Kanterman NFI Industries

Jeff Kanterman, NFI Industries

advanced technologies,” said Jeff Kanterman, Regional Vice President of Transportation Management for NFI.


NFI chose to manage all load planning and execution processes on the 3Gtms transportation management software system (TMS) and retire their legacy TMS system. Additionally, NFI is also using the 3Gtms optimization algorithm for design purposes. Taking advantage of analytical, optimization and execution capabilities offered through 3Gtms has driven significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, and NFI’s ability to serve complex customers.

“There is a lot of power in utilizing the same system to design and execute a domestic transportation solution,” said Kanterman. “It’s challenging to convert optimization constraints when you’re analyzing historic data in a design tool and executing the plan in another. 3Gtms allows us to leverage one system for both purposes and uncover real-world savings that we can immediately action.”

Results & Outcomes

Improved Efficiency

With 3Gtms, NFI has been able to dramatically increase productivity.

“Before, we could manage about 40 orders per employee per day on our legacy platform. With 3Gtms, we can now complete 85 or more orders per person per day.”

Real-time Transportation Visibility

NFI customers now have real-time transportation visibility via customer portals tailored to their needs. “Our carrier connectivity processes have become more flexible, allowing us to expand our tracking capabilities that makes it easier for our partners to provide status notifications,” Kanterman said. “This flexibility translates to a greater level of transparency for our customers.”

Managing Cross Dock Complexity

Our legacy TMS system couldn’t manage cross-docking well from a consolidation or visibility standpoint,” said Kanterman. “3Gtms has filled those gaps. We now offer end-to-end PO visibility, making it easier for our customers to analyze their transportation networks to make strategic business decisions using effective data.”

Reducing Carbon Footprint Through Optimization

“One of NFI’s initiatives is to reduce the amount of equipment used and miles traveled for our customers, ultimately increasing efficiencies and reducing cost,” noted Kanterman.

“3Gtms helps us dynamically plan through all areas of optimization. From a tactical standpoint, I’m not sure if there’s a more flexible and robust planning algorithm on the market.”

Cultural Fit

“The 3Gtms team is flexible and easy to work with, and the access to [3Gtms CEO] Mitch Weseley has been unmatched,” said Kanterman. “NFI gravitates to organizations that fit our strong culture. The level of communication and focus that both parties have placed on this relationship has created a true partnership.”

Fueling Growth

With fast, accurate and transparent data from the 3Gtms transportation management platform, NFI is able to serve more complex customers. “With expanded transparency, system functionality and integration capabilities we have been able to reach a broader audience and focus on creating integrated solutions through asset and non asset based services.”

About NFI

NFI is a fully integrated North American supply chain solutions provider headquartered in Camden, New Jersey. Privately held NFI Logosince its inception in 1932, NFI generates more than $2 billion in annual revenue and employs more than 12,600 associates. NFI owns facilities globally and operates more than 50 million square feet of warehouse and distribution space. Business lines include dedicated transportation, distribution, brokerage, transportation management, port drayage, intermodal, global logistics, and real estate. For more information, visit the NFI Industries website.

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