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**ATTENTION:** We're excited to announce the new go3g website, one place for the industry's most complete suite. Visit Now!

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ISOFlex Packaging Flexes its Supply Chain Muscles

by | Jan 31, 2023

ISOFlex Packaging Customer Benefits

4: Weeks to go-live
4: Facilities online
2-3%: Reduction in LTL spend due to overbillings


ISOFlex, part of the Sigma Plastics Group, needed a new TMS that could help the company better manage and control its logistics operations. After an exhaustive search, including a halted implementation, the team selected 3G.

The most immediate need for ISOFlex was a single interface to procure and manage both TL and LTL transportation. More specifically, LTL carrier integrations, TL contract management, and spot market brokerage access. The company had identified several ways it could substantially reduce freight costs – using volume LTL instead of TL, rate shopping across modes, newly renegotiated contract rates – but couldn’t fully realize those benefits without a TMS. As long-term thinkers, future expansions were also top of mind. Being part of a multi-location operation meant that any new TMS needed the ability to scale for broader coverage and greater efficiencies.

Believing it had found the right solution, ISOFlex began its initial implementation. Unfortunately, supply chain uncertainties lurk around every corner, and two weeks into the process, the news came out: The product it had purchased was being decommissioned shortly. Upon resuming the search, another criteria emerged – the need for a TMS to alleviate uncertainty, instead of contributing to it.

3G’s commitment to enduring partnership, and a “whatever it takes” attitude, gave ISOFlex the confidence to move forward. A rapid implementation timeline was more than a nice-to-have, as ISOFlex had significant cost-reduction opportunities riding on it. A TMS was required to take advantage of new contract rates and operationalize the company’s advanced knowledge of volume LTL benefits. 3G’s Smart Start program promised to have ISOFlex up and running quickly and the implementation team delivered on its commitment, bringing it online across four locations in just four weeks!

Transportation procurement across facilities became more efficient and with single-interface TL and LTL rate shopping, significant cost savings were realized. Freight audit further empowered the company to investigate potential overbillings – constituting 2-3% of its LTL spend. But all hinged on going live with a TMS. Despite being two weeks along with another system, 3G managed to keep the original implementation timeline intact, allowing ISOFlex to quickly see the benefits of ongoing efforts.

The 3G TMS also offers great promise for fulfilling ISOFlex’s future goals of scalability. Initially, the system went live for four locations, but future expansion discussions are already underway. At outset, management anticipated exploring that expansion after six to eight months but has recently cut that estimate in half. After its previous TMS selection experience, it was important that whatever system was chosen would be able to address both current challenges and future, yet-to-be-anticipated, needs. Preparing for things that couldn’t necessarily be predicted had taken on new meaning, and 3G was there to deliver, load after load.


ISOFlex has devoted significant time and resources to developing industry-leading logistics strategies and we sought a TMS that could help us operationalize them. This wasn’t just an exercise in checking boxes, but rather in identifying a partner that could meet our immediate needs and help us prepare for whatever might come our way – whether predictable or not. For us, that partner was 3G: Up and running rapidly with a demonstrated ability to evolve along with us.


Kelsie Ackerman, Logistics Manager, ISOFlex


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