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Mohawk Global Logistics Case Study

by | Mar 20, 2020

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Mohawk Global Logistics is a leader in delivering personalized logistics solutions and specializes in domestic and international transportation, Customs brokerage, trade compliance, and consulting. Their goal is to make clients’ supply chains as simple, reliable, and cost effective as possible.

Industry: Domestic and International Logistics Services
Seven offices across New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Illinois, with headquarters in Syracuse, NY

Customer Benefits

  • Customer portal enables clearer and faster communication with clients
  • Expansion of value-added services and greater visibility attracts new clients
  • Improved automation delivers greater productivity and responsiveness



Mohawk Global Logistics sought a powerful transportation management system (TMS) to help them expand their customer base, offer new value-added services, implement EDI, and ultimately help clients streamline the complexities that come with transportation management. Mohawk’s goals also included reducing manual tasks with increased automation and analytics, along with improving communication and connectivity with carriers and client partners.



The decision came down to 3Gtms and another Tier 1 TMS provider. Mohawk selected 3Gtms because of the freedom of the solution: the freedom to give their clients access to the system, the freedom for clients to create a load, and the freedom to create and deliver personalized logistics services. In addition, the 3Gtms solution is in the growth phase of its product lifecycle and is continuously being developed to address the latest trends. In contrast, older Tier 1 TMS systems are past the point of maturity and are now bloated technologies that can’t respond adequately to modern-day transportation needs.

As Mohawk sought to expand and include more value-added services, the 3Gtms system’s freedom and flexibility were critical to their growth and service goals.

In addition, 3Gtms’s single-platform solution responds in real-time to challenges and issues, from the time an order is created in the ERP through delivery and financial settlement. Its design is fundamentally different from anything else on the market, allowing Mohawk to self-configure the solution without the need for long-term, costly support contracts. 3Gtms’ fast integrations were another key feature that would help Mohawk on-board clients – and save them money – even faster.



With 3Gtms, Mohawk has eliminated the need to check rates for multiple carriers in multiple places. In addition, the enhanced visibility has attracted new clients.

“A big selling point for many of our clients is the visibility that 3Gtms provides,” said Gerry McDevitt, vice president, domestic services at Mohawk. “A client can get access 24/7, and shipment reports are pushed to them automatically.”

With the 3Gtms Integration Hub, Mohawk has strong integration capabilities that enable them to on-board new accounts more quickly and efficiently, and to scale faster as well. The result: Mohawk saves money and time with simpler and faster set-ups – and its customers do too.

“The high-speed brokerage entry screens allow us to streamline our processes and deliver better service to our customers while reducing overall transportation costs,” said McDevitt, “The 3Gtms team is extremely responsive to our needs, and the reliable connectivity we have with carriers and client partners has enabled greater productivity and customer service. As a result, our enhanced operations have become a demonstrable competitive advantage for us – and one that benefits our clients as well.”

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