What Makes 3Gtms Unique?

It’s been more than 20 years since most Tier 1 TMS systems were designed, and today’s landscape is riddled with bloated and rigid TMS systems – none of which can accurately or fully manage your current needs.

You wouldn’t work with 20 year-old accounting software or cell phone technology. Why trust your logistics to a TMS designed for another era?

You’ve probably heard or read the typical marketing-speak from other TMS vendors, most of which give you vague notions about their software’s “speed” or “flexibility” or “configurability.”

But we’ve got the hard facts to back up our claims:

  • The design of our Tier 1 TMS is fundamentally different than anything else on the market.
  • We allow you to self-configure your TMS and get maximum control and freedom from long-term, costly support contracts.
  • Industry leading optimization, including the only Tier 1 TMS offering of Continuous Pool Optimization.
  • Our integration timelines are lightning-fast and can beat out our competitors’ by months.
  • We have a stellar reputation as a trusted partner – and our customer satisfaction and retention rates are unmatched in the industry.

The result is a modern, intuitive user experience that gives you more power and freedom over how you leverage your TMS to solve daily challenges and generate transportation savings. Click here to get our company brochure.

Less Talk, More Proof

Every TMS you look at will have gaps, but the right design and the right team will get you through every issue.

As you compare systems, they will all sound the same: Vendors will talk about being flexible, seamless, intuitive, and so on. We don’t need marketing speak to mask the power of our TMS – we have the proof.

We are the only single-platform solution encompassing:

  • Electronic or web services-based order capture
  • Vendor and customer collaboration
  • Customer and carrier contract management
  • Electronic routing guide management
  • Mode and service level selection
  • Optimal carrier selection
  • Multi-stop TL, LTL and pool distribution optimization
  • Carrier tendering (EDI, Carrier portal, Email)
  • Spot market integration
  • Status tracking and automated alerts
  • Freight audit
  • eMatch and Pay or Auto-Pay
  • Operational and scorecard reporting

Want to know what you can save with 3Gtms? Go here to use our Savings Calculator to determine
how our TMS will impact your savings areas and your ROI!

Need more? Here are three ways the design and capabilities of 3Gtms
are unlike anything else on the market.

A Unique Data Model

More options, more flexibility, and more ways to manage your transportation needs the way you want to manage them.


Getting you up and running faster – and getting your customers on board quickly – saves everyone time and money. Our customers consistently cite the speed, ease and flexibility of integration as a key reason for choosing 3Gtms.


We designed our TMS for the logistics planner – and not just someone with an engineering degree. We empower you to create and make changes to the system yourself, and avoid relying on us (and paying us) for every change.

Don’t Underestimate Culture

We have the most experienced team in the industry. Period.

Our team comes from across the transportation software industry and spans all disciplines. Our top executives are veterans from major TMS and supply chain consulting companies, including Oracle, JDA, i2, Manugistics, and Mavenwire — as well as various shippers, brokers and 3PLs.

Our teams were deliberately built to become the transportation management innovator and to approach each customer relationship as a partnership and collaboration.

To ensure deep customer partnerships and an unwavering commitment to success, we make our attrition rate a core focus of our team and culture. We’re not willing to say anything just to get you to hire us — we first ensure that any prospective project will meet your needs and expectations.