7th December

Know the Key Elements for Harnessing a TMS

In a world where so much transportation data is inaccurate and unreliable, having good data on transportation moves, customer deliveries, as well as good and bad carriers helps companies overcome key challenges like tight capacity, increasing freight rates, and driver shortages. That’s where a modern TMS with the right framework and data model comes into

29th October

New Resource: Using a TMS to Solve the Visibility Challenge

In the B2B world, visibility is extremely complicated because it encompasses start-to-finish order visibility. It requires systematically interpreting and combining inter-enterprise data from many sources. It’s about assessing the past, monitoring/reacting in the present and adjusting for the future. But getting visibility into the logistics flow has traditionally been very expensive or produced limited results

3rd April

Supply Chain Trends and the Impact of TMS

Thanks to the fast-paced nature of the supply chain, we’re inundated with buzzwords and trend-grabbing headlines wherever we look. This report from EFT and sponsored by 3Gtms tackles those headlines so you can better understand where supply chain practitioners are really paying attention, where investments are flowing and what trends need to be kept in sight.

10th October

White Paper: Refining TMS Integration Outside the Warehouse

Most TMS systems on the market were designed 15 years ago. The designers at the time couldn’t have foreseen the tight integration that shippers, brokers and 3PLs are required to have today, and so it’s a reality where most TMS systems fall short: Slow on-boarding of new trading partners and carriers, or cumbersome ways to

14th June

Making the Case for a Different Kind of TMS

It’s been more than 15 years since most Tier 1 TMS systems were designed, and today’s TMS landscape is riddled with bloated and rigid TMS systems – none of which can accurately or fully manage your current needs. You wouldn’t work with 15 year-old accounting software or cell phone technology. So why trust your logistics

6th June

Executing Transportation in an Uncharted E-Commerce Environment

Shippers and 3PLs are at a strategic crossroads as they attempt to navigate the demands of e-commerce, especially when it comes to distribution channel management. Creating a unified and coherent omni-channel strategy – without a roadmap – is daunting to say the least, as we explain in this white paper in partnership with Logistics Management.

9th January

Avoiding the Pitfalls of a First-Time TMS Buyer

As a first-time TMS buyer or even a seasoned pro just beginning the search for a TMS, it’s worth a reminder of the common TMS mistakes buyers make when evaluating a vendor. Perhaps you’re not aware of the risk of failure in a implementation, or you ask a vendor with hundreds of customers for a

27th September

Shrinking TMS Implementation Times from Years to Months

Tier 1 TMS implementations have traditionally been complex and long: some fail to ever go live, and others may not obtain their promised ROI or reach their pre-project goals. In addition, the TMS of the past would take huge amounts of time and resources to implement, making it completely unrealistic for many organizations. With 21st

1st October

Innovative Transportation Solutions Supporting Today’s Logistics Professional

"We develop software that simplifies transportation management complexities for shippers and 3PLs"

29th October

The Dissolving Silos – The Convergence of 3PLs, Brokers, Carriers

The landscape of the logistics service provider (LSP) market is undergoing a titanic shift. The traditional boundaries between brokers, carriers and 3PLs are blurring, particularly in the small to mid-sized LSP market. Many of these companies are experiencing a blending of the time-honored functions that once separated these distinct service providers. Many of the larger