17th January

3PL Explains how 3Gtms Technology & Stellar Support Delivers Competitive Advantage

“Our typical competitor will get someone live in seven to 12 months,” said Jeff Auslander of Dynamic Logistix, a 3PL based in Overland Park, Kansas. But with 3Gtms, Jeff and his team “can get our customers live in two months and integrated in one month. 3Gtms has the most pliable integration hub in the entire

3rd January

Crowley: Close Partnership with 3Gtms wouldn’t be Possible with Larger TMS Vendors

When considering TMS providers for the largest U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) surface transportation contract to date, Crowley’s approach included the question “How do we accomplish the unknown?” This contract was full of “firsts” for the DoD and for Crowley; the new demands and new business approaches made it imperative to find a fundamentally different

19th November

American Bath Group: “3Gtms is the Best TMS Provider We’ve Ever Had”

American Bath Group, a leading manufacturer of bath tubs and showers, needed to replace its old and inefficient TMS. The company works with many LTL and TL carriers, and was spending a lot of time in multiple systems trying to manage those partnerships. With 3Gtms, American Bath Group now has one central location for its

8th November

KDL Earns Larger Customers with Flexible 3Gtms Technology

When KDL, a 3PL that provides freight management services, needed a more flexible transportation management system, it turned to 3Gtms. The ability to customize the TMS to meet clients’ needs enabled the company to increase their freight-handling capabilities and take on larger, more complex clients. In the end, KDL reports that it's been able to

29th August

Video: Visibility-Driven Workflows for Transportation Execution

Visibility is talked about a lot in the transportation world, almost to the point where it’s lost meaning. Sure, we all want more visibility, but what can we gain from it exactly? How does the value of it actually convert into business benefits? B2B visibility is inherently complicated because customers need to know the status

18th April

Continuous Pool Optimization: Putting Creativity to Work in Transportation

TMS innovation never ends because there are always new challenges and complexities emerging in the market, and continuous pool optimization is the latest example of this, explains 3Gtms founder and CEO Mitch Weseley in this interview with Talking Logistics’ Adrian Gonzalez. “It’s about putting creativity to work; that’s the ongoing role of a TMS. We want

16th January

JP Wiggins Talks Logistics and the Food Supply Chain

As food logistics become more complex, a transportation management system (TMS) is more important to food companies than ever before. In this episode of Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez, our own JP Wiggins discusses the reasons and results of this complexity: Food companies have put a lot of resources into modernizing their infrastructure and a

28th November

Webinar: Driving Growth & Flexibility with TMS Integration

A TMS is only as useful as its integration capabilities – and many fail. For instance, according to the Transportation Planning and Execution Benchmark Study by American Shipper, 61% of respondents said the biggest challenge of their TMS was system connectivity. But that’s changing, because a TMS is only as strong as its connections. In

17th October

Video: Creating Value through Flexible Pricing Programs

If you’re an LSP, every one of your customers wants the best pricing. But the complexity between pricing and customer needs can hinder ways to confidently deliver the best rates. Beyond simply billing at the order level, consolidated shipment level or load level, your customers may vary by the method or mode at which they’re