7th December

Know the Key Elements for Harnessing a TMS

In a world where so much transportation data is inaccurate and unreliable, having good data on transportation moves, customer deliveries, as well as good and bad carriers helps companies overcome key challenges like tight capacity, increasing freight rates, and driver shortages. That’s where a modern TMS with the right framework and data model comes into

8th November

KDL Earns Larger Customers with Flexible 3Gtms Technology

When KDL, a 3PL that provides freight management services, needed a more flexible transportation management system, it turned to 3Gtms. The ability to customize the TMS to meet clients’ needs enabled the company to increase their freight-handling capabilities and take on larger, more complex clients. In the end, KDL reports that it's been able to

1st November
  • Logistics Viewpoints

Logistics Viewpoints: Here’s why you can Stop Dreading TMS Integrations

Managing logistics can’t happen in a vacuum; you need visibility and awareness of internal and external systems, partners and resources. The problem is that integration and visibility are a big hurdle for most transportation management systems (TMS). According to the Transportation Planning and Execution Benchmark Study by American Shipper, for example, 61 percent of respondents

25th October

Dynamic Logistix: What to Consider When Selecting a TMS Partner for a 3PL Business

Transportation management systems (TMS) are used by a variety of organizations, but 3PLs have unique requirements to keep in mind when considering a TMS vendor. In this lively discussion with Talking Logistics, Jeff Auslander of Dynamic Logistix, a 3Gtms customer, notes that it’s an exciting time for transportation professionals because TMSs are more innovative and aligned

23rd October

Still Managing Exceptions Manually? How a TMS can help.

In the good old days, your transportation management system (TMS) could manage nearly all of your transportation workflows. For the exceptions that did pop up, you could dutifully handle them manually, which took some effort but wasn’t a colossal burden on your time. Fast forward to today, and workflows have become much more complicated.  With

29th August

Video: Visibility-Driven Workflows for Transportation Execution

Visibility is talked about a lot in the transportation world, almost to the point where it’s lost meaning. Sure, we all want more visibility, but what can we gain from it exactly? How does the value of it actually convert into business benefits? B2B visibility is inherently complicated because customers need to know the status

7th August
  • Logistics Viewpoints

More than a TMS: Optimizing with Visibility-Driven Workflows

When we think about visibility and tracking in our daily lives, our consumer mindset probably turns on and we think of online ordering. We’re concerned with questions like, “Where’s my stuff?” or “What time can I expect my order to be delivered?” In a B2C environment, visibility is about tracking. But in B2B, it’s so

24th July

The New Way a TMS Fuels Routing Creativity

Is managing your transportation operations an art form? You may not do your job with a palette and a paintbrush, but it’s safe to say that logistics planners have to be creative when moving freight. The key tool for a logistics planner has long been a transportation management system (TMS), but the increased complexity of

17th May
  • Logistics Viewpoints

Getting Creative with your TMS: Two of the Latest Capabilities

To a lot of people, the word “creativity” doesn’t come to mind when they hear about transportation or logistics. But every day, logistics planners have to be immensely creative in how they move freight with a seemingly endless number of changing constraints. To be creative, however, you need technology that supports flexibility for handling your

24th April

Time to Replace your TMS? Three Ways to Tell.

Deciding whether and when to replace a piece of supply chain software is a tricky balance: You can’t wait until your operations (or customers) are significantly affected by cumbersome processes or the lack of visibility, yet you know the inefficiencies of your current software are holding you back. A transportation management system (TMS) is no