4th June

Our Take: Why the Global TMS Market will Keep Growing

In the last 5-10 years, the transportation world has changed dramatically. The lines between 3PLs, carriers and brokers are blurring as customers require a broader scope of services. 3PLs are adding brokerage services and brokers are adding managed services.  Shippers are empowered with more choices and customers are leveraging improved visibility across their logistics operation

16th May

Myths vs Facts of a Modern Day Transportation Management System

To put it mildly, there’s been a lot of change in the TMS industry in last five years. A truly modern TMS system is nothing like the technology of 15-20 years ago, but many of the TMSs on the market today are built upon that obsolete technology and feed into the many myths about what

14th May

What does “TMS” Really Mean?

What does “TMS” Really Mean? Gartner, Inc. recently released the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems* that examines many of the multimodal TMS systems on the market today (get a complimentary copy of the report here). According to the report, this is how the multimodal TMS market is defined: “Multimodal domestic transportation management systems

8th May

Blockchain’s Potential Role in Transportation Management

The hype around blockchain is subsiding, and in its wake the transportation industry is taking a more serious and thoughtful look at how it could be leveraged to improve operations. Today’s economy is digital, and what you do digitally with freight is sometimes more important than what you do with it operationally. In an analysis

19th April

Mitch Weseley in JOC: Uncovering TMS Differences when Everyone Claims to Offer a TMS

Mitch Weseley in JOC: Uncovering TMS Differences when Everyone Claims to Offer a TMS The adoption rate of TMSs has been on the rise in the last several years, thanks in part to an increase in the types of systems and price ranges that make them more affordable for small and mid-sized 3PLs, shippers, brokers

4th March

Use TMS to Deliver OTIF – Without Fines!

By J.P. Wiggins, Vice President of Logistics Visibility is a hot topic in transportation right now, and it should be. With TMSs able to deliver better visibility than ever before – including connecting internal and external systems, as well as gathering, translating and sharing data – visibility in-transit helps you address problems as they happen

19th February

The Latest in TMS Brokerage Capabilities

Talk to any broker about what keeps them up at night, and they’ll bring up problems around communication, tedious information gathering with so many screens and clicks, and the amount of manual work involved, like making dozens of calls or sending a million carrier emails just to get coverage for one load. Plus, every load

7th February
  • Logistics Viewpoints

TMS Visibility? Inconceivable!

Transportation management systems (TMS) have been around for a good 25-30 years, but they’ve struggled with visibility for most of that time. Sure, the TMS industry has long talked about the visibility of their systems. But it’s only been in the last two or three years that we’ve seen measurable leaps forward in visibility capabilities.

29th January

What Does Your Ideal TMS Look Like? Get the 2019 TMS RFP Template!

Today’s transportation challenges require a level of TMS flexibility that can’t be discovered with a traditional corporate buying process. With our 2019 RFP Template for transportation management systems, we'll help you think beyond whether a TMS has a capability and toward how that capability will potentially work for your operations. In other words, our TMS RFP

24th January

The Role of Technology in a Logistics Partner’s Strategy and Value Proposition

Logistic Service Providers (LSPs) need to fully embrace technology while responding to their customers’ needs to become a partner of choice. In this informative discussion with Talking Logistics, Sonny Catlett of HNRY Logistics explains how this newest operating company of YRC Worldwide is bringing together the right people, with a large network of assets and a