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Industry: Logistics Services
Location: Elk Grove Village, IL

Customer Benefits:

  • Facilitated the growing, dynamic, multi-client consolidation and
    optimization program
  • Increased efficiency and growth of non-asset line of business
  • Strengthened competitive differentiator of fast, customized services


ODW’s transportation service began as an asset based solution in the 1980s. Over the last decade, ODW’s non-asset based transportation execution has seen phenomenal growth. However, the company’s transportation management system (TMS) was not able to support its goals to acquire new business and offer differentiated services. The TMS was built in the 1990s for a truckload business, and although ODW tried to make the technology work in a LTL and brokerage environment, it was not a sustainable solution.

In addition to a TMS applicable to the non-asset sides of the business, ODW sought a solution to leverage its in-house database and development expertise. “We wanted a TMS to take advantage of our knowledge and experience from an IT perspective and to keep our business at the cutting edge,” explained Bill Grannis, director of information technology at ODW Logistics. “And to be honest, we didn’t know if a TMS like that existed in the market.”

ODW’s success was built on its competitive advantage that set it apart from the commoditized world of 3PLs: Customized services delivered quickly and in a flexible way that allowed customers to adjust to changing market demands. It was essential that a new TMS support and strengthen these differentiators.


3Gtms delivered those capabilities, including rate-based tariffs that gave Rohlig more flexibility for future rating.
The 3Gtms system, 3G-TM, is a broad and deep, intuitive multi-mode TMS for mid to large 3PLS, shippers, brokers, forwarders and other non-asset based transportation companies. 3G-TM manages the full order-to-cash process in real time and within a single system. It is the only TMS in the world powerful enough to handle the most complicated projects, yet intuitive enough to be used by all transportation professionals.

3G-TM is the only single-platform solution encompassing:

  • Electronic or web services-based order capture
  • Vendor and customer collaboration
  • Customer and carrier contract management
  • Electronic routing guide management
  • Mode and service level selection
  • Optimal carrier selection
  • Multi-stop TL, LTL and pool distribution optimization
  • Carrier tendering (EDI, carrier portal, Email)
  • Spot market integration
  • Status tracking and automated alerts
  • Freight audit
  • eMatch and pay or auto-pay
  • Operational and scorecard reporting


Backed by 3Gtms, Rohlig landed one of its
biggest deals to date and delivered efficient, effective management of the customer’s
scale-straining pallets.

“We were impressed with the flexibility of 3Gtms’ software,” said Ryan Murphy of Rohlig. “This was a critical issue that our client needed resolved and with the help of 3Gtms’ team of experts we were able to present them with a solution that met the requirement and helped us secure one of our largest contracts.”