Wiggins Discusses TMS and the Amazon Effect in The Logistics Journal

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Transportation Management

Lots of supply chains are dealing with the “Amazon effect,” which has led consumers to demand lightning-fast (and free) delivery times, last-minute order changes, and 100 percent order accuracy. While initially seen as just a retail problem, these expectations have now reached the B2B world as well.

Managing the Amazon effect requires a host of solutions, but a transportation management system (TMS) is often overlooked. A TMS is critical for the execution of an order, and this is especially true as order cycles shorten and shipment sizes shrink. Any transportation manager would agree that if these customer behaviors aren’t properly managed, they’re going to drive up costs.

If you’re concerned about the demands and expectations around your orders and deliveries, part of the answer may literally be at your fingertips. But take note: Not all TMS systems will be able to handle your scenarios and needs.

In this article for The Logistics Journal, our own J.P. Wiggins discusses what Tier 1 TMS features to look for in order to get the flexibility and power to respond to the Amazon Effect. Go here to learn more about real-time planning, pool distribution and optimization – and what you need to know to stay ahead.


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