Talking Logistics: Differentiating with Flexible Pricing Programs

by | Aug 31, 2017 | 3Gtms

The sell-side rating methods supported by a TMS solution can easily become a differentiator for a logistics service provider (LSP) and has the potential to decrease maintenance and overhead Talking Logistics logo 3Gtms TMSassociated with contract management.

Nearly every TMS system can support sell-side rates based on contracts or markups, but how extensive and flexible are their methods?

In this exclusive article for Talking Logistics, our own Dawn Salvucci-Favier outlines how a modern TMS will help you establish a comprehensive pricing program that’s scalable for your business and meets the diverse requirements of your customers.

From the qualifiers and constraints that billing contracts should provide, to markup pricing that considers multiple factors, it’s important for your TMS to have the flexibility and well-defined hierarchy that can be a tie-breaker for selecting the right rate. The TMS shouldn’t force you into one singular rating method for a client, but instead give you the flexibility to choose the rating strategy that works best in each case to allow you to better serve your customer and remain competitive.

Get the details here at Talking Logistics.

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