Supply Chain Trends and the Impact of TMS

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Supply Chain, Transportation Management

Impact of TMS on Supply Chain Trends

Thanks to the fast-paced nature of the supply chain, we’re inundated with buzzwords and trend-grabbing headlines wherever we looSupply Chain Hot Trends Q1 & Q2 2018k.

This report from EFT and sponsored by 3Gtms tackles those headlines so you can better understand where supply chain practitioners are really paying attention, where investments are flowing and what trends need to be kept in sight. It covers:

  • The eCommerce boom and what it means for companies trying to create a seamless experience across international borders
  • The advancement of automation and the complexity around the types of automation taking place (as well as what the results are)
  • Blockchain’s actual impact on the supply chain
  • Why a TMS is the critical (but often overlooked) solution that helps companies capitalize on these trends

The report concludes with other key issues your supply chain peers are watching in 2018, including capacity and the challenges logistics providers are facing due to low capacity. From the report:

Logistics providers are having to increase prices of their capacity, find customers that do not use reserved capacity and spend resources seeking new capacity for existing customers to just maintain the status quo. Retailers and manufacturers are also struggling as capacity related delays and restrictions hit their operations. Shippers are also taking on the brunt of the costs associated with the challenge. With eCommerce set to continue growing, and no end in sight to a driver shortage, it might come down to some type of automation or sharing economy business model to ease this challenge.

Go here to get the full report Supply Chain Hot Trends: Q1 and Q2 2018.

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