Sneak Peek of 2021 Product Features, Enhancements, and Releases

by | Feb 11, 2021 | 3Gtms

Following our December release of 3Gtms and our January release of Pacejet, we want to provide a short overview covering what can be expected for each of our technology solutions over the next year. We are very excited about our product roadmap as we will launch new features for both 3Gtms and Pacejet, our multi-carrier shipping solution, while also combining strengths from each solution. Our customers and partners have helped shape some of these enhancements, and we are looking forward to continually evolving to meet customer needs through our suite of solutions. Learn more about our 2021 Roadmap below.

Roadmap for 3Gtms

We plan to launch three major TMS releases in the remainder of 2021. These include new functionality, connectivity, and customer-driven features as we continually search for ways to enhance our systems. Some of the updates we are most excited about involve Freight-brokerage functionality, carrier enhancements, and adding select Pacejet capabilities into the TMS.

New Freight-brokerage functionality includes features that augment the TMS to support how mid-to-large freight brokers operate, where managing the data security and ownership of clients and carriers across internal agencies, teams, and job functions is paramount.

TMS users can also expect to see additional carrier rating connectivity that combines Pacejet automation with our TMS capabilities. Our Logistics Network integrations will provide improved support related to carrier safety rules, carrier onboarding, and carrier monitoring. New configurable rules will also enable the hard and soft “stops” required at the time of carrier assignment. Our Carrier Network will also expand to support Volume LTL spot quotes, and advancements in parcel and LTL rating will occur through the Pacejet integration.

Roadmap for Pacejet

Our schedule for Pacejet has four major releases planned this year. Highlights of these include capabilities around hazardous shipping for some of our most-used carriers, UPS and FedEx. We will also release new features for printing upgrades, rules, and module usability. Additionally, users can look out for new override functionality, API capabilities, and additional workflow updates. These changes are scheduled for the base Pacejet solution, with complimentary releases planned for each ERP-specific instance.

New Product Launches

In addition to regularly scheduled releases, we are excited to announce the introduction of some new product offerings this year. One of these is our Dock Door Scheduler, which is a collaborative solution, fully integrated with 3Gtms, that enables shippers and carriers to schedule dock door appointments. Another is a solution for Pacejet customers using NetSuite that leverages the advanced Planning Engine from 3Gtms to consolidate orders into fewer shipments. Also, on the Pacejet side, we are launching a new solution set focused on simplifying trading partner compliance. Click the link to download a datasheet for a first-hand look at the solution. In essence, many big-box retailers require specific advance ship notices via EDI before receiving any products. Our Trading Partner Compliance solution will automate that process during packing to ensure users meet all the requirements for these critical customers.

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