Is a Cloud-Based TMS System Right for Your Business?

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Transportation Management

Is Your TMS System Helping or Hurting Your Ability to Respond to Supply Chain Disruptions?

Many companies that have been using the same TMS system for a long time are now finding the software no longer meets their needs. What happened?

Today, customer delivery demands are more complex. Delivery and pick up schedules are tighter, turnaround time expectations need to match the on-demand economy everyone is accustomed to, real-time communication with all stakeholders is a must, and more optimization is required to sustain efficient and productive operations. Legacy systems simply don’t offer this functionality. Worse, it’s excruciatingly slow and painful to update and maintain older systems when attempting to bring them up to speed. 

Enter cloud-native TMS software. 

Cloud-based Transportation Management System represents software installed on a remote server – the cloud. The benefits of scale and elasticity make cloud computing an undeniable winner in offering the very best software solutions to customers. The software company handles all the innovation, maintenance, security, and updates at a fraction of the cost.

As a customer, you will enjoy the ultimate flexibility:

  • Work from anywhere – SaaS is accessible virtually anywhere; no need to be in the office to access the system, no performance issues
  • Lower internal IT resource requirements – no upfront costs, no licensing and maintenance fees; flexible payment options based on usage and functionality
  • Future proof investment – new releases and continuous innovation for one customer is available to all customers at no extra cost
  • Increase revenue and productivity – streamlined, automated, optimized, centralized  and real-time platform grants you the visibility & control to grow the business and reduce costs in nearly all parts of your business.
  • Connect to any system – seamless integration with a combination of other cloud-based and legacy systems.
  • Always secure continuous penetration tests and automatic & immediate updates


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