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by | Apr 4, 2022 | Freight Brokers

By JP Wiggins, VP Corporate Development at 3G

3G’s TMS customers can now deliver spot market quotes faster, with higher confidence, for more wins thanks to our intelligent pricing integration with

This new tool addresses the three greatest risks of spot market quoting: Pricing that’s too high, too low, or too late. Using machine learning and AI, intelligent pricing analyzes your load history relative to market-level pricing to deliver target buy and sell prices instantly.

Easy to Use: Integration with 3Gtms

You can price any load and lane in three easy steps, within the quote-to-cash execution workflows you’re already using in 3G’s TMS. Use the Load Management Workspace to select the load you wish to price. A single click generates target prices to quote customers and offer carriers, informed by your load history and current market conditions. With a target price in hand, you can quote the customer just as quickly, with an intelligent, market-based price.

High Confidence:

Using the intelligent pricing tool means confidently pricing any load, on any lane, regardless of experience. Each target price will be accompanied by a confidence level, predicting likelihood of available capacity at that target price. See the predicted margin, too, and adjust margin targets based on business-specific factors (such as a willingness to trim margins to win a new customer). However, you’ll always have a clear picture of the predicted profitability, to know whether this is a load to pursue or not – there’s nothing worse than winning a load but being unable to then secure capacity.

Business Growth:

The ability to deliver quotes faster, based on real-time market conditions, and win more of the loads you should is a recipe for business growth. The intelligent pricing tool will also shorten the learning curve for high-potential early career brokers without lane pricing experience. That shorter time-to-productivity allows them to start experiencing those “wins” faster and sets them up for immediate success. Between the immediate quoting, and clear confidence level indicators, this tool will allow anyone generating spot market quotes to maximize their buying power.


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