Crowley: Close Partnership with 3Gtms wouldn’t be Possible with Larger TMS Vendors

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Transportation Management

When considering TMS software providers for the largest U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) surface transportation contract to date, Crowley’s approach included the question “How do we accomplish the unknown?” This contract was full of “firsts” for the DoD and for Crowley; the new demands and new business approaches made it imperative to find a fundamentally different kind of TMS that would be responsive to these unknowns.

Crowley found what it needed in 3Gtms. In this video, Bob Weist, vice president North American transportation at Crowley, explains that some of the organization’s biggest challenges included finding a TMS that could help execute LTL, optimize freight, and accomplish the unknown. Throughout the TMS implementation, 3Gtms enhanced its 3G-TM solution to meet Crowley’s needs and the DOD requirements. “I would not have seen that in a larger, more established TMS system,” said Weist.

The result is a successful partnership that has met every single Crowley and DoD milestone and requirement in full and on time.

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Crowley Weist Interview 3Gtms

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