3Gtms Demo Video – Built-In Freight Brokerage Software: Finding Carriers and Capacity

by | Oct 12, 2021 | 3Gtms

Finding available carriers at affordable prices is one of the most important parts of operating a successful freight brokerage. And in today’s world, with tight carrier capacity restrictions, it’s become harder than ever to secure carriers. High-growth freight brokerages rely on transportation management systems (TMS) like 3Gtms to easily find available carriers and navigate lingering capacity issues.

Watch our demo to see how easy it is to secure and tender carriers within 3Gtms.

Finding and Tendering Carriers

3Gtms connects directly to your contracted TMS freight carriers, rate indexes, and load boards to maximize potential carrier availability and compare multiple carrier rates. In this video, you will see how to view your open loads, send those loads for tendering, and assign a carrier to the load.

Demo Summary

As shown in the video, your open loads appear in your Load Management workspace, which can be configured based on your needs. This workspace allows you to perform all your load life cycle actions from a single screen. These include booking, sourcing, tendering, and tracking.

When you want to tender a load, you select the load from the workspace and choose from multiple next steps, including posting to a load board, viewing load cost history, checking for available trucks, getting a rate index, and more.

In the video, we select load cost history to show what loads were successful in the past so that there’s a better idea of where to send spot bid requests. The solution indicates the number of similar loads executed in the past and which carriers were used. This carrier information can be drilled down further to make an even more informed decision before requesting any bids.

If the historical information is acceptable, then it’s possible to issue a broadcast offer to all historical carriers directly from this screen. Each carrier will automatically receive the bid request via email, and they can access their personal carrier portal to bid on the load.

As spot quotes are received, they appear in the Load Management Workspace, and you can select the bid that best fits your needs, assign the carrier, and tender the load.

This digital brokerage functionality helps make freight brokerages more effective because it connects electronically to carriers and delivers significant process automation. This approach allows you to consistently find the best carrier fit for each load and positions you to get the best margins. When combining this process automation with 3G’s rapid carrier onboarding, you can build a broad portfolio of carrier services to work with carriers productively.

Want to learn more about how a complete TMS can help your business? Download our datasheet for more information on 3G’s features and functions for freight brokerages.



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