Bemis Manufacturing Innovation, TMS featured in Plastics News

by | Oct 6, 2016 | 3Gtms

“Our mix of freight changes dramatically from day to day,” said Keith Bassuener, manager of distribution and logistics at Bemis. “We need an optimization product to easily and quickly choose Bemis Innovation 3Gtms in Plastic Newsbetween all of these options and find the most cost-efficient way to move our freight.”

Bemis Manufacturing’s distribution of its impressive line of injection-molded products is spotlighted in the latest Best Practices section for Plastics News. Bemis discussed the challenges of distributing many different types of products to retailers’ shelves in a way that’s efficient and economical.

With 3Gtms, Bemis has a powerful TMS planning and optimization tool to help determine which transportation option meets its needs. Bemis chose 3Gtms’ TMS because of its true pool distribution functionality and its ease of implementation and use.

Go here to read the full article at Plastics News.

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