ARC Research Brief: ROI is Driving Next-Generation TMS Adoption

by | Apr 17, 2017 | Transportation Management

A TMS system is a mission-critical technology component for today’s shipper. And while older systems have traditionally driven a strong ROI (most notably in the form of an 8.5% reduction in shipping costs), the next ARC Research TMS System Articlegeneration of TMS systems are providing new forms of optimization that continue to drive ROI even higher.

In this exclusive brief from ARC Advisory Group, a leading market research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure, you will learn the most important factors for success when considering a TMS for your operations; key trends influenced by industry demands; and one company’s experience maximizing the value of a next-generation TMS software.

You’ll also gain insight into why implementation processes are just as critical as the technology itself:

An often overlooked part of the ROI, however, is the implementation process itself. Too many companies miss the mark on their implementations, from both a deadline standpoint as well as a functionality standpoint. From our recent survey, only 27 percent of respondents that indicated timelines were met and the software was fully functional at go-live. These misses mean wasted time and money, which then makes it harder to see a positive ROI.

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