Accelerate Growth with a Parcel-Capable TMS

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Shipping, Transportation Management

See Parcel in Action!

For 3PLs looking to capitalize on new opportunities, look no further than parcel. Parcel is becoming an increasingly relevant and important source of growth for 3PLs, as shifts to e-commerce are seeing volume once sent by LTL to retailers going via parcel to consumers instead. 3PLs have an opportunity to provide value to shipper customers using parcel by applying all of their freight expertise to an additional mode while growing their businesses at the same time. Check out the following video for additional eye-opening parcel stats, as well as a demonstration of the parcel capabilities of 3G’s TMS.


Simply adding an additional mode will not only provide shippers better value, but it will allow 3PLs to earn more of current customers’ business. Users of 3G’s TMS can perform simple rate-and-ship workflows from within the TMS they’re already using. When initiating a shipment, the software can identify those best served by parcel and provide carrier and service options, along with rating, within the familiar TMS load management workspace. Then, labels can be printed and documents generated from a central location. This is a great option for single-location fulfillment of non-complex shipments.

Full in-warehouse execution

For 3PLs looking to expand their businesses by offering new services, and serving new customer segments, 3G’s full parcel management capabilities may be the answer. For more complex operations, such as multi-location, multi-station shipping operations, or those processing high volumes, 3G offers its leading pack-and-ship solution. Not only is there an opportunity to dramatically improve shippers’ efficiency, 3PLs can alleviate in-warehouse headaches, too. That may mean an ability to grow relationships with current customers and/or serve entirely new segments looking for broader fulfillment operational efficiencies.

Check out this brief show-and-tell video to see the system in action.

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