**ATTENTION:** We're excited to announce the new go3g website, one place for the industry's most complete suite. Visit Now!
**ATTENTION:** We're excited to announce the new go3g website, one place for the industry's most complete suite. Visit Now!

Announcing the 3Gtms 21.2 Upgrade: Industry Leading Managed Transportation with Best-in-Class Freight Brokerage, In One Complete TMS Software Platform

by | Aug 26, 2021 | 3Gtms

The team at 3G is excited to release TMS 21.2, a new software upgrade that raises the bar on managed transportation while adding exciting best-in-class freight brokerage features. 

Built to manage some of today’s thorniest logistics challenges, the new 3Gtms 21.2 version helps growth-driven businesses evolve rapidly to capture and manage more freight and build out stronger teams to collaborate, compete, and win new business. The new software also delivers improved integrations to help logistics operations get more fully connected with carriers and customers, driving costs down and efficiency up. And with improvements to process automation, carrier assignment, broadcast tendering, and more, the new 3Gtms 21.2 takes a leap forward in automating more logistics processes to free-up staff time to work with customers.

Read on to learn more about the new 3Gtms 21.2 software release or download full release notes in the Help Center to learn more about any new capabilities. Click here to register for our release overview webinar on September 14th.


New Features and Highlights of the 3Gtms 21.2 Release

Logistics service providers, freight brokers, and shippers can all benefit from 3Gtms 21.2 improvements in carrier assignmentnew attributes for locations and loads, and more sophisticated searching. Details on a few of our favorite improvements in this area include:


  • New carrier assignment rules that save you time: Use carrier qualification restrictions to prevent the assignment of carriers to a load based on parameters like cargo insurance, hazmat certification, carb compliance, and more. You can now more easily prevent carrier assignments that violate customer-specific settings for FMCSA compliance and DOT Safety Rating Compliance.


  • Load enhancements with more attributes for better process control: Track load-based insurance, easy-to-use load follow-up capabilities, load attributes defined for managing cross-border shipments, including bond and customs broker information.


  • New location type attributes enable searching by purpose: Search by work group and job function in the Load Status Messages, Stops, and Trading Partners UIs with six new search fields.


In addition to improvements in TMS platform fundamentals, improved integrations round out our existing functionality with more data needed to further streamline carrier onboarding and carrier advances. Details on a few improvements in this area include:


  • Updates to RMIS integration with attributes for better load sourcing: Improvements to RMIS (a Truckstop.com company) with more expansive electronic data updates to 3G. Updated carrier information on service areas, equipment, and commodities along with up-to-date carrier safety, insurance, and certification information (e.g.: hazardous, CTPAT, TWIC, etc…).


  • More control over load advances in ComChek: The 3Gtms integration with ComChek [an industry leader in providing carrier advances for 40 years] now provides improved controls to view an Express Check balance and cancel all or part of a balance, more easily returning funds to a broker’s ComChek account. 


While upgrades to platform fundamentals and integrations are important, the 3Gtms 21.2 release also delivers some top customer-requested enhancements in tendering, assignment, and offers. A few of these improvements:


  • More easily send tender notifications to larger groups: Send tender notifications to multiple recipients by adding a subscriber group in tender configuration records. Authorized users can update the tender’s recipient list, change the from email, and choose a notification template. And the list of email recipients is now captured in the load’s tender history.


  • More easily send broadcast offers to up 100 carriers: A saved query can now be used to assign a group of carriers to a broadcast offer, supporting transmission for up to 100 carriers.


Learn More

Click below to contact us for a link to our release webinar with more details about the latest features. Customers can also access the full release notes through our support center for more information.

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