New 3Gtms Release: Highlights for 3Gtms Version 21.1

by | May 25, 2021 | 3Gtms, Transportation Management

New division infrastructure enhancements, team management functionality, volume LTL quoting, and a limited availability module are part of this release, along with much more.

The team at 3G is excited to announce the availability of our 21.1 release of 3Gtms, our Transportation Management System (TMS). The release includes updates to item containerization, invoice velocity, division infrastructure enhancements, new team management functionality, our brand new Dock Door Scheduler module, and much more. Continue reading for a roundup of all the new features available in the 21.1 release and how they help your business optimize your transportation operations. Please reach out to our support team to learn more about any of the new capabilities outlined here or access our Help Center.

New Features and Highlights of the 3Gtms 21.1 Release

3Gtms version 21.1 includes many new features and functionality designed to help drive your company forward.

  • Item Containerization Enhancement: We enhanced the logic that computes Order Line weight, pieces, and handling units based on additions/changes to Order Item data to also conditionally compute the effective number of handling units and display the value in the Order Line’s Flex Unit 1 field. This feature only applies to orders with Order Item detail.
  • Invoice Velocity Enhancement: A map of accessorial detail information was added for accessorials associated with load costs, order allocation details, and invoice charges.
  • Division Infrastructure Enhancements: This feature provides LSPs and Freight Forwarders the ability to separate data access by Agency or Branch (3G Divisions) within the confines of an organization. This includes the ability for users to belong to multiple divisions, as well as the ability to share individual records with other divisions. This enhancement rounds out the Agency/Branch model by extending 3G Divisions to both Quotes and Contacts, and and supports column-level security based on users and teams to share transactions between agents/users.
  • Teams Management: Introduces Job Functions and Work Groups to the TMS. A Job Function is the user’s role within the organization (e.g., Sales Rep & Account Manager). When a user is assigned to an entity, they have entity ownership with respect to that function. Work Groups provide agencies/branches the ability to manage entities by team (e.g., Mid-West Sales Team & Finance Group). This feature supports task management workflows where individuals and teams collectively manage the lifecycle of quotes and orders into loads and the resulting AP/AR entities.
  • Dock Door Scheduler (limited availability): The brand new Dock Door Scheduler module is a collaborative solution that enables shippers and carriers to schedule dock door appointments. Driven by customer feedback, this release rounds out functionality for a new licensable module from 3Gtms that addresses the core needs around scheduling appointments. It includes support to reserve time slots for activity not linked to a load/stop, such as dock maintenance, an action not managed with 3Gtms, and pre-booked appointments. View our Help Center for more information on Dock Door Scheduler.
  • Volume LTL Quoting: Facilitating Volume LTL quotes as part of a comprehensive, multi-modal platform will allow Shippers, LSPs, and Freight Brokers to understand a wider range of the transportation options available today in the marketplace. API Rating connectivity will be provided for the following carriers: XPO Logistics, Holland, Estes Express Lines, ABF Freight, Saia, and RoadRunner Freight. The carrier’s quote number and freight quote’s effective and expiration dates are captured in the TMS. The carrier’s quote number is flowed downstream to support rate confirmations, load tendering, BOL document generation, and carrier settlement processes.
  • Increased Maximum Number of Watchlists: We increased the maximum number of watchlists a load can be added to from six to twenty.
  • Invoice Velocity Meta Model Updates for Manifests: We exposed manifest child invoice detail and the new Division, Job Function, and Work Group fields.
  • Broadcast Offers from Load Cost History: Users can now easily initiate a Broadcast Offer from Load Cost History. Upon identifying and selecting qualified carriers in Load Cost History, users can directly initiate a Broadcast Offer within the Load Cost History screen. Selected carriers will pre-populate in the Broadcast Offer Carrier list.
  • Carrier and Client Trading Partner Enhancements: We added new attributes to the Trading Partner UI to support carrier sourcing, carrier assignment, and cross-border management.
  • Trading Partner Audit Trail: Users with the new Trading Partner Change History menu permission can view Trading Partner change history from the Trading Partner UI.
  • Override Bill-To at Charge Level: Client, Bill To Location, and Invoice Currency can now be overridden for individual AR Charge Details. AR Charge Details with overrides will be assigned to a separate invoice from the charges that are not overridden. This change also impacts Credit Checking since charges allocated to an order may be associated with multiple bill-to locations and/or clients. Recurring overrides can be configured on the Client Trading Partner.
  • Manifest Export Improvements: We now offer customers the option to continue producing the current output or product output according to the manifest/invoice schema. A new parameter governs this in the Outbound Integration Configuration parameter group.
  • New Currency Exchange API: Customers can now maintain daily exchange rates from an external source. New API also allows customers to retrieve exchange rates that were in effect on a given day. Customers wishing to use the API must first develop integration with the external source.
  • New Export to CSV Permissions: We added permissions to the Export to CSV action icon on the toolbar of the following main grids: AR Charges, Contacts, Quotes, Orders, and Order Legs. Roles that existed before the upgrade will automatically acquire the permissions to export the grids on the referenced UIs.

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