About J.P. Wiggins

JP Wiggins is vice president of logistics and brings more than 25 years of industry experience. He was most recently at SAP where he was the solution principal focusing on SAP’s transportation, warehouse and event management offerings in North America and previously directed industry marketing for the company’s transportation and logistics business unit. Before SAP, he was senior vice president and general manager for Descartes Systems Group’s supply chain, transportation and logistics applications business, and also had been vice president of product management for the company. Previously, JP was co-founder and senior vice president of logistics for Global Logistics Technologies (G-Log); co-founder and vice president of product management at dx/dt; and vice president of logistics at Weseley Software.
4th March

Use TMS to Deliver OTIF – Without Fines!

By J.P. Wiggins, Vice President of Logistics Visibility is a hot topic in transportation right now, and it should be. With TMSs able to deliver better visibility than ever before – including connecting internal and external systems, as well as gathering, translating and sharing data – visibility in-transit helps you address problems as they happen

28th February

The Value of a Good Super User for your TMS

You can’t avoid talking business at company parties, so I recently took the opportunity to informally survey my colleagues on the question “What makes a successful TMS project?” There were the expected answers about the quality of the solution, goals of the client, environment and fit. But the most surprising and repeated answer was the

9th February

Trying to manage the Amazon effect? Don’t ignore your TMS.

Lots of supply chains are dealing with the “Amazon effect,” which has led consumers to demand lightning-fast (and free) delivery times, last-minute order changes, and 100 percent order accuracy. While initially seen as just a retail problem, these expectations have been extended to the B2B world as well. Lots of companies turn to their warehouse

12th January

Logistics Viewpoints: Why RFPs Don’t Work for TMS Systems

A TMS has to learn and understand the complexities of your particular business to really maximize its benefits. But this level of intimacy is rarely appreciated by first-time TMS purchasers. In fact, I see many companies make their TMS vendor selection as if they were buying accounting, HR or other back office software. At the

7th November

Tips for First-Time TMS Buyers

A TMS is one of the most critical supply chain solutions because it touches nearly every other system in your world: WMS, ERP, finance and others. In this Q&A with Inbound Logistics, I discuss the why the importance of choosing the right TMS to solve your challenges can’t be overstated, along with why TMS implementations

13th September

Making Your TMS a Rallying Point for the IoT

There’s a lot of buzz about the Internet of Things, or IoT. IoT refers to the physical network of vehicles, buildings, devices and other items that are increasingly connected. I also consider people and applications like an ERP or WMS to be part of the IoT. A transportation management system (TMS) has always been applied