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8th November

KDL Earns Larger Customers with Flexible 3Gtms Technology

When KDL, a 3PL that provides freight management services, needed a more flexible transportation management system, it turned to 3Gtms. The ability to customize the TMS to meet clients’ needs enabled the company to increase their freight-handling capabilities and take on larger, more complex clients. In the end, KDL reports that it's been able to

1st November
  • Logistics Viewpoints

Logistics Viewpoints: Here’s why you can Stop Dreading TMS Integrations

Managing logistics can’t happen in a vacuum; you need visibility and awareness of internal and external systems, partners and resources. The problem is that integration and visibility are a big hurdle for most transportation management systems (TMS). According to the Transportation Planning and Execution Benchmark Study by American Shipper, for example, 61 percent of respondents

29th October

New Resource: Using a TMS to Solve the Visibility Challenge

In the B2B world, visibility is extremely complicated because it encompasses start-to-finish order visibility. It requires systematically interpreting and combining inter-enterprise data from many sources. It’s about assessing the past, monitoring/reacting in the present and adjusting for the future. But getting visibility into the logistics flow has traditionally been very expensive or produced limited results

25th October

Dynamic Logistix: What to Consider When Selecting a TMS Partner for a 3PL Business

Transportation management systems (TMS) are used by a variety of organizations, but 3PLs have unique requirements to keep in mind when considering a TMS vendor. In this lively discussion with Talking Logistics, Jeff Auslander of Dynamic Logistix, a 3Gtms customer, notes that it’s an exciting time for transportation professionals because TMSs are more innovative and aligned

23rd October

Still Managing Exceptions Manually? How a TMS can help.

In the good old days, your transportation management system (TMS) could manage nearly all of your transportation workflows. For the exceptions that did pop up, you could dutifully handle them manually, which took some effort but wasn’t a colossal burden on your time. Fast forward to today, and workflows have become much more complicated.  With

16th October

Transportation Gets Creative

When you think of transportation logistics, the word “creativity” doesn’t normally come to mind. But, argues 3Gtms CEO Mitch Weseley, creativity is essential in today’s transportation world where there’s an endless amount of constraints and challenges. In this article for APICS Magazine, Weseley explains, “Shippers, third-party logistics (3PL) providers, brokers, freight forwarders — it’s such

10th October

Case Study: ODW Logistics

3PL ENHANCES COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND STRENGTHENS NON-ASSET LINE OF BUSINESS WITH TIER 1 TMS Go here to view a PDF of this case study. Industry: Logistics Services Location: Elk Grove Village, IL Customer Benefits: Facilitated the growing, dynamic, multi-client consolidation and optimization program Increased efficiency and growth of non-asset line of business Strengthened competitive differentiator

8th October

Less Talk, More Proof: The Facts on how 3Gtms Solves Challenges, Generates Savings  

It’s been more than 20 years since most Tier 1 TMS systems were designed, and today’s landscape is riddled with bloated and rigid TMS systems – none of which can accurately or fully manage your current needs. You wouldn’t work with 20 year-old accounting software or cell phone technology. Why trust your logistics to a

4th October

Case Study: Rohlig Logistics

LSP Lands One of Its Biggest Deals to Date with 3GTMS Go here to view a PDF of this case study. Industry: Logistics Services Location: Elk Grove Village, IL Customer Benefits: Earned one of its largest deals to date with TMS that met unique customer requirements Expanded offerings with pallet-based rating capability Challenge Rohlig needed

10th September

Redstone Logistics: How 3Gtms Improves Flexibility and Efficiency for Customers

As we frequently note here on the 3Gtms blog, a transportation management system (TMS) is so much more than a tool for only cutting freight costs or routing (like operating as a transportation control tower for your data!). This article from DC Velocity features our customer Redstone Logistics and the many ways it uses a