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16th July

The Load Management Workspace: Better Decisions with One Screen & Fewer Clicks

Speed and accurate data are key when you’re moving customer freight and trying to get the best margins for your business. You’re faced with questions such as, What trucks are available? Can they meet the delivery deadline? And what’s a competitive but profitable quote? That’s why we created the unique Load Management Workspace. Built for

10th July

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures LLC Selects 3Gtms Transportation Management System

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures LLC Selects 3Gtms Transportation Management System Global supplier of plumbing products sees near-immediate cost savings and routing efficiency. Shelton, Conn., July 10, 2019 — 3Gtms, LLC, a global provider of Tier 1 transportation management software, announced that Gerber Plumbing  Fixtures has chosen its 3G-TM transportation management system (TMS). Gerber Plumbing Fixtures was

9th July

Using a TMS and Business Logic to Complete the API Equation

“API” is one of those terms that get thrown around with abandon. Some vendors say things like, “I have an API for that!” as if an API is an app in Google Play or the Apple Store – you click a button and boom, it’s done. Ahh, if it were only so simple. API is an

2nd July

Using a TMS to Turn Your Company into an E-Commerce Powerhouse

As the traditional lines dividing shippers, 3PLs and brokers continue to fade, the need for a full-featured, modern TMS is growing across all business verticals because actual delivery and fulfillment are areas where companies can shine. In the food industry, for instance, both manufacturers and distributors are no longer selected based on price points and

25th June

3Gtms Named to Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 100 Top Supply Chain Projects

3Gtms Named to Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s SDCE 100 Top Supply Chain Projects for 2019 Shelton, Conn., June 25, 2019 — Supply & Demand Chain Executive, the executive's user manual for successful supply and demand chain transformation, has selected 3Gtms as a recipient of an SDCE 100 Award for 2019. The SDCE 100 is

19th June

3Gtms Partners with Trimble for Commercial Routing Solutions

3Gtms Partners with Trimble for Commercial Routing Solutions Complementary technology provides shippers and logistics service providers with transportation management and routing tools for inbound and outbound logistics Shelton, Conn. June 19, 2019 — 3Gtms, Inc., a global provider of Tier 1 transportation management software, announced today that it is partnering with Trimble for commercial routing

4th June

Our Take: Why the Global TMS Market will Keep Growing

In the last 5-10 years, the transportation world has changed dramatically. The lines between 3PLs, carriers and brokers are blurring as customers require a broader scope of services. 3PLs are adding brokerage services and brokers are adding managed services.  Shippers are empowered with more choices and customers are leveraging improved visibility across their logistics operation

16th May

Myths vs Facts of a Modern Day Transportation Management System

To put it mildly, there’s been a lot of change in the TMS industry in last five years. A truly modern TMS system is nothing like the technology of 15-20 years ago, but many of the TMSs on the market today are built upon that obsolete technology and feed into the many myths about what

14th May

What does “TMS” Really Mean?

What does “TMS” Really Mean? Gartner, Inc. recently released the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems* that examines many of the multimodal TMS systems on the market today (get a complimentary copy of the report here). According to the report, this is how the multimodal TMS market is defined: “Multimodal domestic transportation management systems

8th May

Blockchain’s Potential Role in Transportation Management

The hype around blockchain is subsiding, and in its wake the transportation industry is taking a more serious and thoughtful look at how it could be leveraged to improve operations. Today’s economy is digital, and what you do digitally with freight is sometimes more important than what you do with it operationally. In an analysis