Executive Team

Mitch Weseley

Founder & CEO 3Gtms, LLC

With 30 years in the industry, Mitch Weseley is widely regarded as the “father of the TMS industry” having created six successful companies in the technology and logistics industry. Notably, he foresaw the market demand for the first and second TMS generations, and both times created new companies and products to address these opportunities. In 1992, Mitch founded Weseley Software Development Corp which quickly experienced rapid customer and revenue growth. The company was sold to McHugh Software International (later RedPrairie), a leading provider of warehouse management software, in 1996.
Mitch then started dx/dt technologies, another supply chain execution company, which was sold to Descartes.

In 1999, he returned to the TMS market, creating Global Logistics Technologies (G-Log) as a second-generation TMS to manage the large complexities associated with shipping to all geographies and utilizing all modes. Mitch compiled a core team comprised of the best software developers and professionals in the industry. Mitch led the team toward making it the most successful second generation transportation software company the industry’s history. The company was sold to Oracle in 2005, and is now called OTM (Oracle Transportation Management).

Following the sale of G-Log, Mitch started and ran OPS, a clean technology company focusing on the trucking dispatch software industry.

Once again, he and his core team are reinventing the TMS industry with 3Gtms, formed in 2010. In February 2013, the company merged with Transite Technology and has created the next generation of transportation / trucking dispatch software.

Mitch is a graduate of Princeton University.