Mohawk Global Logistics provides personalized logistics solutions for organizations around the world. It sought a transportation management system (TMS) that could be configured to its specific needs, as well as provide better visibility and superior responsiveness to clients.

It got all that and more with 3Gtms. With 3Gtms’ flexible transportation software backed by a collaborative partnership approach, Mohawk Logistics has a TMS platform built “exactly the way we want it.”

“We’re pushing process improvements and that’s translating into serving our clients better,” said Gerry McDevitt, vice president of domestic services. The results for Mohawk have included…

  • Increased shipment visibility for clients
  • Faster client invoicing
  • Automated, custom reporting

With the ability to self-configure the 3G system and automate processes that were previously tedious and manual, McDevitt notes that the future will be even more automated. “[With 3Gtms], we don’t even have to think about it.”

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