“Our typical competitor will get someone live in seven to 12 months,” said Jeff Auslander of Dynamic Logistix, a 3PL based in Overland Park, Kansas. But with 3Gtms, Jeff and his team “can get our customers live in two months and integrated in one month. 3Gtms has the most pliable integration hub in the entire industry, hands down.”

Integration is just one of the reasons that Dynamic Logistix chose to offer the 3Gtms transportation  management system (TMS) to its customers. Companies choose to fully outsource their transportation needs to Dynamic Logistix because of the optimization and efficiency benefits they can’t get anywhere else. With world-class technology, customizable software and straightforward web-based tools, Dynamic Logistix’s 3Gtms offering opens up a whole new world of automation and cost savings for clients – some of which still manage their transportation with spreadsheets and emails!

Just as important as the TMS technology is the support behind it. Watch the video to learn why 3Gtms stands out in terms of speed, collaboration and skill, and how it’s helped Dynamic Logistix distinguish itself from the competition.